T-Patch 36th Division News 1945 04 15 nr 02 (PDF)



4 pages
Vol. 3 No. 2
36th Overseas Two Years; Texas division lands at Oran, Africa, fights through Italy, France, Germany
The Lone Star Flies Over Germany, Major Arnim F. Puck, Division Provost Marshal at the great gate north of Wissembourg
General Eisenhower, Devers, Dahlquist Commend Troops
143rd Fools Nazi Mayor; Gauleiter Burckel of Westmark
Officer Records Atlantic Voyage, New York to Oran in fortnight
The Dragon’s Teeth Extracted by the 36th Division; T-Patch Staff Photos by Shaffer
One of the freedoms to which Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated his life; freedom of religious worship; Lt. Col. Herbert E. Mac Combie, Division Chaplain
Arty FO Foils Woodchoppers; Sgt. James S. Wade, New Castle, Ind; FDC group, 133rd Field Artillery fires at Germans chopping wood
William Penn Jones III, son of Capt. Penn Jones, 36th Division Quartermaster Company
E.T.O. Texans Bid CG, Seek Others, Jay C. Stilley S./Sgt
The 36th Division Command: Maj. Gen. John E. Dahlquist, Commanding General; Brig. Gen. Walter W. Hess, Jr., Division Artillery Commander; Brig. Gen. Robert I. Stack, Assistant Division Commander; Col. John J. Albright, Chief of Staff; Col. Jesse B. Matlack, Executive Officer, Division Artillery
Regimental Commanders: Col. Charles H. Owens, Commanding Officer, 141st Infantry; Col. George E. Lynch, Commanding Officer,142nd Infantry; Lt. Col. Charles J. Denholm, Commanding Officer, 143rd Infantry
For Conspicuous Gallantry, these men received nation’s highest battle award: at Altavilla: T/Sgt. Charles E. Kelly, 143rd Infantry, Pittsburgh, PA; Lt. Arnold C. Bjorklund, 142nd Infantry, Seatle, Wash; Pvt. William J. Crawford, 142nd Infantry, Pueblo, Col. (Prisoner of War); At Salerno: T/Sgt. James T. Logan, 141st Infantry, Luling, Tex.; At Montelimar: Lt. Stephen R. Gregg, 143rd Infantry, Bayonne, N.J.; At Magliano: T/Sgt. Homer L. Wise, 142nd Infantry, Baton Rouge, La.; At the Rapido: S/Sgt Thomas E. McCall, 143rd Infantry, Viedersburgh, Ind. (POW)
CP essentials lead advance, Lt. Col. David Faulkner, Villa Park, Ill. and Sgt. Grover Lightfoot, Coleman, Texas
Command Performance, Marlene Dietrich
Welterweight Champ Fights With 142nd, Pfc. George F. Richards, Wakefield, Mass.
The Immortal Pfc, by Pretsch, 141st