Wartime Press was created by Irek & Dave to provide a historical reference site to a multitude of original books, booklets, magazines, manuals, newspapers, and documents relating to WWII.

History of Wartime Press:

For many years we have been vigorously collecting materials relating to WWII from all over the world. We have been contacted numerous times by the families of WWII veterans, news publication companies, and even independent TV broadcasting/documentary shows for information from our collection of photos and stories.

We have had a life-long interest in collecting military publications and items. This site is a way in which we can help preserve history by sharing PDF copies of our collection.

If you are searching for information about a family member, military record, battle, or place affected by WWII, than we are more than happy to help your research efforts. Publications contain photos, names, company muster rolls, awards, short stories, cities, war sites, pictures from the various fronts, and first-hand reports from WWII. Many of the foreign publications contain images of people (including POWs), places, and pre-bombing photographs of cities.

Why Display everything from the war?
Good or bad, all aspects of WWII are part of history. These publications contain great historical value because they are a look into the past. Also, they help us to not forget the reasons the Allies were fighting the Axis!

This site contains PDFs of publications from all sides of WWII for historical purposes only. Please be aware that we do not promote any hatred of race or religion, indifferent viewpoints, and propaganda. 

WWII Military Preservation Status:
This site is still a work in progress as we continue to scan and add complete PDFs of the publications in our vast collection.

Fellow Collectors, if you would like to help us fill in any of the gaps or have materials from a missing topic on our site, it would be greatly appreciated. All donated image material (high resolution photos or scans) will receive donor recognition and acknowledgement on this site.

Thank you,

Wartime Press Staff