36th Infantry Division - T-Patch 36th Division News

T-PATCH was the 36th Division Newspaper
Sgt. Bill Jary, Managing Editor; Pfc. Robert R. Sieger, News Editor; Pfc, John A. Hyman, Feature Editor; S/Sgt. Max E. Shaffer, Photographer
Staff Writers: Pfc. Anthony S. Amoscato, Pfc. John Westenberg
Unit Correspondents: Pfc. Clarence Lasky, 141; Pfc. Howard Jones, 142; Sgt. Bill Morris, 132; Pfc. Morton Wilson, 133; Pfc. Vincent Wogman, 155; Pfc. Joseph Ershun, 111 Med.
Published by the Public Relations Office, 1st Lt. Sumner S. Wilson, Supervising Officer, with the cooperation of Major Benjamin F. WIlson, Jr., I and E Officer; and Captain Theodore J. Nykiel, Special Service Officer

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