Hamburger Illustrierte 1945 01 18 nr 03 (extra pages) (PDF)


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20 pages
British paratroopers in street-fighting in Athens
American forces beaten at Ardennes; photo by SS correspondent Pospesch
A street littered with American helmets; photo by correspondent Roeder
Oberst Rudel decorated by Hitler
Bodenplatte – the greatest Luftwaffe offensive pictured by Hans Adolph … Two bridges of Korinth demolished, story by correspondent Rumbacher
Via Aemilia
SS-Panzergrenadiere passing by destroyed allied tank…Extra pages: Mussolini and ” Legion Muti ” The bulge: pictures of surrendering American soldier; one of the picture shows German medic helping a wounded American soldier; story by SS correspondent Bueschel and correspondent Rutkowski
Adlerhorst – Gebirgsjaeger by correspondent Demmer (Wb.)
Movie “Quax in Fahrt”
Kriegsmarine personnel handling enemy mines, story by correspondent Richleske
Japanese dancers; Japan Photo Library … German and Hungarian ships destroy soviet convoy on river Donau, story by correspondent Spitzner
Panzerfaust against Corvette, story by correspondent Max Karl Feiden
Prosperity gospel in USA by black prophet Jones
East Prussian women helping the army