Hamburger Illustrierte 1944 10 19 nr 42 (PDF)


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Meeting at the front – a son and his dad meet somewhere on the Mosel river, the younger defends his country while the older builds fortifications; photo by SS war correspondent August Ahrens
Schutzstellung Moselland – defense positions in the Mosel region; Gauleiter Simon, pictures by SS-Kriegsberichter August Ahrens
OT solving supply problems for the front; OT correspondent Blenck
Funeral of General Schmundt; war correspondent Wittke
SS-Panzegrenadiere from Frundsberg division in fierce combat in Holland; picture of captured polish paratrooper; photos by SS war correspondent Tillmann and Hoeppner
Warning from Warsaw, pictures of surrendering polish underground fighters; SS-Kriegsberichter August Ahrens
Oberleutnant Hartmann in combat, drawing by war correspondent Ellgaard
Soviet landing party destroyed on Vistula (Wisla) river; war correspondent Pospischil (H.H.)