Die Wehrmacht 1944 04 19 nr 08 Ausgabe A (PDF)



On cover: German MG position on the East Front; photo by war correspondent Haenisch

On 20th of April Hitler had his 55th birthday, Keitel and Jodl by his side; photo by Hoffmann

Another Blitz over England, pictures from English newspapers showing the extent of damage after German bombings

Fighting at Narwa and Peipus Sea, Ritterkreuztrager Ruhl von Lilienstein; photos and text by war correspondent Dr. Pauli

Eight against one but still holding out – fighting at Cassion; story by Ritterkreuztrager Oberst von Behr, photos by war correspondent Wahner and Zscheile (Atl.,Wb.,PBZ.)

Heavy mortars in Italy, Nebelwerfers; photos by war correspondent Wahner (Sch.)

Germans inspecting plane armament of captured B-17F and B-26; report by war correspondent Meschke (Atl.)

Achilleion, Greece – rest place for wounded German soldiers; story by war correspondent Gunter Greiner

Bulgarian army fight side by side the Germans; story by war correspondent Funck (H.H.)

Rumanian Flak by the black sea; story and photos by war correspondent Dr. Scharnagl and Gunther Pilz (Wbd.)

POA by Atlantic Wall, Russian volunteers; photos by war correspondent Schurer

German Red Cross helping the needy; story by war correspondent Gunter Greiner

Last page photos: German artillery position in Karst; German soldiers resting after a successful operation against partisans on the Adria coast; photos by war correspondents Prizibilla and Grah