Die Wehrmacht 1942 10 28 nr 22 Ausgabe A (PDF)




24 pages
On cover: Hauptmann Marseille, with 158 air combat victories, died during return from mission; photo by war correspondent Dr. Kurt Pauli
Sir Charles Portal
Bunker factory in Stalingrad; photo by war correspondent Gunther Pilz
For Stalingrad, German planes dropping 100 million propaganda leaflets; war correspondent Send
Beginning the fight forStalingrad, October 1942; story and photos by war correspondent Gunther Pilz
Fighting at Woronesch; text and photos by war correspondent Fritz Moser
Dieppe Raid seen through english eyes
German troops during march through Kuban country; drawing by Theo Matejko
War material against the men; by Franz Wulf
From Tmimi to Egypt, the way of a battle group; story by war correspondent Werner Spitta
U-Boot Commander: Oberleutnant z. S. Rolf Struckmeier and a certificate of british registry from steam ship ” Hektoria ”
W 190
53rd attack against German flak battery; story and photos by war correspondent Josef Lagemann
Last page color photos: Old well at Terek; photo by war correspondent Gert Habedanck
Cossacks serving with Germans