Die Wehrmacht 1942 09 30 nr 20 Ausgabe A (PDF)




24 pages
On cover: An example of Soviet cultural atrocity: a coat hanger, found in a church in the norther Kaukasus region, was made out of pricless icons; war correspondent Bruno Waske
Inside: Large german supply collumns on the way to Stalingrad; war correspondent Gunther Pilz
Generalleutnant Sir Harold Alexander
The end of an armoured train group “Kaukasus” by Mosdok am Terek; story and photos by war correspondent Gert Habedanck
The fight for Stalingrad; photos by Deutsche Wochenschau, war correspondents Thiede, Sautter, Gebauer, Heine
A tipical Wehrmacht road-travel through Kaukasus; war correspondent Gert Habedanck
A regiment form southern Germany takes Noworossijsk; war correspondent Anton Langl (H.H.) and Fritsch – SS
Decorated Hauptmann Baumbach along with his crew: Oberfeldwebel Thies, Braun, Unteroffizier Baerwald
Recon over Don and Wolga; war correspondent Stempka (PBZ)
Slovak General Turanec with Knight Cross
Sea-mine operation in Black Sea against the Soviets; war correspondent Neuberger (Sch)
German troops in the “Black Sea Land”, Kuban region; story by war correspondent Bruno Waske
Last page pictures: Allied POW’s by Tobruk; photo by war correspondent Werner Spitta
German troops after taking Tobruk