Die Wehrmacht 1942 08 19 nr 17 Ausgabe A (PDF)



24 pages
On cover: Soon after landing is the plane being serviced by ground personnel. Above, one can still see signs of air combat; PK War Corresopondent Rothkopf
Inside: Barricades and street-fighting in Rostow; PK War Corresopondent Gunther Pilz, Bernd Overhues, Bruno Waske
In Africa: German troops take oasis Siwa; by Oberleutnant Dr. Kurt Pauli
Heavily Defended Northern French Coast
German Engineers Defending Their Positions, story by Major Bollmann
Honveds am Don – Hungarian Troops on East Front, PK War Correspondent Gert Habedanck
Bersaglieri – Italians on the Eastern Front; PK War Correspondent Brunnengraber
Sketch of a typical layout of German positions on the East Front; drawing by A. Werner
Photos on last page: Germans resting after taking Sewastopol
Holding captured Russian flag from Fort Maxim Gorki. Stalin and Lenin are displayed on the flag; PK War Correspondent Gert Habedanck