Die Wehrmacht 1936 12 04 nr 03 (PDF)




German plane during recon mission
Heeressportschule in Munsdorf
General Freiherr v. Fritsch and v. Seeckt
Germany’s youngest weapon – tanks; Hauptmann Graf v. Moltke
5th December 1757 – Leuthen
Storms over the Mediterranean
The black ship; by Kapitanleutnant A. Wolf – Molschen and Mairuna; Matunga New combat aircrafts in Paris
The kitchen for German soldiers; Ludwig Sertorius
Auer gas masks
Garrisons in Kustrin
Navy shipyards in Wilhelmshaven
Building Scharnhorst
Bulgarian Army then and now
Story by Richard Euringer
Turkish battleship Yawuz Sultan Gelim; French U-Boats; Leutnant zur See Walter Richter
Italian Navy parade by Mussolini and Horthy