273d Infantry Regiment – First To Meet Russian Army (PDF)



22 pages + photo found in book

This 16 page booklet presents the history of the 273rd Infantry Reg.
69th Infantry Division, which was the first to meet with the Russian Army. It covers the 273rd at the
Siegfried line, Altengroitzsch,
Ehrenbreitstein, Colditz, Mulde,
Hann, Munden and Leipzig. It
include several photo illustration
and photo of Charles M. Adam ,
Colonel, Commanding. Printed in
Germany in 1945. Combat history in
the European campaign of the US
Regiment known a the “Doughs”,
with its motto “Steadily Advance”.
Details of the “green dough-boys”
arrival in Northern France during
early 1945 after a short sojourn in
England. It describes the visit to the
Siegfried Line on Feb 12th – their
baptism of fire and the drive
towards the Rhine. Traces its
advance into Germany and its
capture of Fort Ehrenbreitstein and
eiderberg. Continues their push
through the Reich up to the conquest
of Leipzig, Germany’ Fifth city,
where soon after – they met Allied
Soviet troops.