Infantry Divisions

The WWII U.S. Infantry Divisions listed below each contain an image of an original unit’s divisional patch which is enlarged when clicked on. There is also included a brief story “Fact Sheet” about each division’s origins, nickname, patch design, Commanding Generals, awards and combat highlights. These brief “Fact Sheets” were produced in 1945 in a very inexpensive paper booklet by the Special Information Section ( SIS ), Office of Technical Information, Army Ground Forces ( AGF ), Army War College. Few of these booklets that were given out to service personnel have survived the years. But because so much effort was put into this booklet we have reproduced most of it here with each respective Division. As we acquire more unit histories from Archive acquisitions or by donated and loaned materials, they will be placed under their respective divisions. The books, booklets and newspapers that you will find here were produced during the war years or shortly after in the post war period. ……. Those wishing to help expand this section can contact us by email at