YANK WP 1945 05 11 (PDF)



24 pages
Issue number 46

On cover: Ryukyu patrol

The Low-Down on the GI Racketeers in Paris; story by Sgt. Allan B. Ecker, YANK Staff Correspondent

V2 In Antwerp; article by Cpl. Edmund Atrobus, YANK Staff Correspondent

The Ordeal of L Company; story by Pfc. Justin Gray, YANK Staff Correspondent; Okinawa, 383rd Regiment, 96th Infantry Division

Super Kibitzer: B-29 from XXI bomber command with pilot John S. Pickerel of Marion, Ohio along with Larry Tighe, Carl Sanders, Adelbert Mills, Bob Doyle observed Okinawa landing; story by Knox Burger, YANK Staff Correspondent

Ernie Pyle; story by Larry McManus, YANK Staff Correspondent

Dusty Junction, Kadena, Okinawa; story by Evan Wylie, CSp, USCGR, YANK Staff Correspondent

People of the Home Front: Frankie of La Konga; Frankie Sumner, Columbia, S.C.; story by Walter Bernstein, YANK Staff writer

Main Streets of America -photos of Newark, N.J.; Charleston, S.C.

Honey in The Mortar – story by Cpl. Len Zinberg

Clothing and the War – article by Burgess Scott; Yank Staff Writer

R.R.’s in Wartime, cartoons by Ralph Stein

Mail Call; Tom Flannery

Cpl. Bob Krell from Brooklyn, N.Y.

Jinx Falkenburg

Sports camera at home and abroad: Jack Dempsey at Okinawa, Rogers Hornsby, Huberto Zavala, Tony Janiro, Patricia Sinclair, Jane Dillard Kittleson, Brenda Helser, Ann Curtis

Favorite Derby Horses – Col. Mat Winn says Exterminator was the best of all time; story by Cpl. Tom Shehan, YANK Staff Writer7