YANK US 1943 04 02B (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 41 ……. Cover: ( Second Version Cover ) Target For Tonight ……. How to get a Job After You’re Discharged ……. Articles Inside:

Raid on a Nazi U-Boat Base – How does it feel to bomb France and then find yourself with one motor dead and a flock of ME-110s between yourself and England? By Sgt. Jack Scott

You Can’t Fool With the FBI; When They Wantcha, They Getcha. By Cpl. John R. Evans

After Thelepte and Gafsa Any GI Could Write a Book

Yanks at Home and Abroad

When an Outfit Moves Up in New Guinea They Always Tell the Quartermaster First by Sgt. Dave Richardson

Having a Fine Time, and Certainly Wish You Were Here. ( Oh, Yeah? )

U.S. Airmen Pleased S. A. Mamas, Sisters, Cousins, Uncles and Aunts. By Sgt. Sydney R. Nemarow

What’s Your Problem?

War in the Balkans Next? – Rommel may retreat across the Mediterranean Sea toward Italy and Yugoslavia after he leaves encircled position in Tunisia

What Happens After You’re Discharged? – If the Army hands you a CDD tomorrow, the Selective Service System, which put you in uniform, will send you back to a good job in civilian clothes. Here’s how they work it. By Cpl. H. N. Oliphant

The Legion of the Uncouth. By S/Sgt. Thomas P. Ashlock

Strictly G.I.

War in Russia ( Photo Pages )

The Sad Sack “Goin’ to the P.X.?” By Sgt. George Baker

The Poets Cornered

Message Center

Words Across the Sea

Mail Call

YANK Pin-up Girl: Carole Landis

Evening Report


Double Puzzle

Company Street

a KISS from Hedy Lamarr ( YANK Fiction ) By Sgt. Merle Miller

The Supply Sergeant Makes a Statement of Charges By S/Sgt. Fred C. Buse

Home Towns in Wartime: Frankfort, Ind. by Sgt. Bill Davidson

News From Home

ASN 11334708. By Pvt. Meyer Marcus

Sports: Short Sports Stories: Hank Greenberg Says Good-bye to Baseball and an Ump Confesses. By Sgt. Dan Polier

Sport Service Record

Roster of the Cleveland Indians