YANK US 1945 06 29 (PDF)




Vol. 4 No. 2

Cover: Both Red the Bugler and Pvt. Myron Hart are detailed to the chicken farm run by and for the U.S. Army on New Caledonia. See page 5 for more bucolic pictures by Sgt. Lon Wilson.

Articles Inside:

Ordeal At Okinawa – At night the enemy comes out of his caves and pillboxes to prowl and infiltrate. And the soldiers and marines who sit up and stay awake to welcome him are always glad to see the first light of dawn. By Evan Wylie, SP1c (PR) USCGR

New Caledonian Chicken Farm – This is one outfit that can’t have enough chicken. The GIs who take care of them see to it that the birds stay on their nests, since they are expected to turn out 2,000 eggs a day for hospital patients. ( Photo Report )

Ex-GIs in College – The 23,478 discharged servicemen already back in college are running into plenty of personal problems and have started a big controversy among university officials about how they should be handled but generally speaking they’re making out fine. By Sgt. Bill Davidson

Manila Myrtle … When this poor man’s Tokyo Rose included “Fight on for Old Notre Dame” on her propaganda program, her sponsors didn’t like it. By Sgt. Ozzie St. George

Pvt. McQuire, E. Co. Nazi Slave – A rifleman from the 34th Division, who was captured near Faid Pass in Tunisia, talks about his two years and three months as a prisoner of the Nazis. By Sgt. Mack Morriss and Combat Artist Sgt. Robert Greenhalgh

Main Streets of America – A look back home since you went away ( Photo Report )

The Sad Sack by Sgt George Baker

What’s Your Problem?

News From Home

Sketch book of a Redeployed GI – Cpl. Ralph E. Carlson of the 8th Armored Division made these drawings during the months he was moving up to combat and back to the POE

Mail Call

Who Wants To Go Back To Work Anyhow? By T/Sgt. Thomas B. Logue

Yank Pin-up Girl : Ann Miller

Baseball’s New Czar … Happy Chandler, a star pitcher in college, holds Senate seat while preparing for the job of solving baseball’s headaches. By Cpl. Tom Shehan

Bill Mauldin – The famous GI cartoonist becomes a best selling writer with a Book of the Month which explains the ups and downs of the combat-zone routine. Here are some of its paragraphs about officers, “garritroopers” and friendship at the front. By Sgt. Bill Mauldin