YANK US 1945 06 22 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 1 ……. Cover: American Soldiers In Hitler’s Berchtesgaden – Where Adolf Hitler and his gang once sat at Berchtesgaden, these soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division take a deserved break with a little wine for company. ……. Articles Inside:

Berchtesgaden – GIs who captured Hitler’s mountain hideaway found rubble and magnificence. Amid the ruins there was still plenty of evidence of the high style in which the Nazi Fuehrer used to live. By Sgt. Harry Sions

The Pershing M26 ( T26 E3 )

Battle Stars – Here is the official list of battles and campaigns of the U.S. Army that rate a bronze star, as of 12 May 1945, the current deadline for Adjusted Service Rating Card point credits.

Alois Knapp, Nudist By Pfc. Debs Myers

Rangoon Jump – A YANK correspondent jumps with the British and Ghurka paratroops who cleared way for the sea-borne invasion of Jap-held Rangoon. By Sgt. Dave Richardson

Camp Susupe – On Saipan the Army operates its first large experiment in dealing with captured enemy aliens. Japs in this GI camp help govern it and work both for the Army and their own profit. By Cpl. Tom O’Brien

The War – Centerfold Map of the Pacific

The Sad Sack by Sgt George Baker

The Great Big Wait ( YANK Fiction ) By Cpl. Sam Elkin

News From Home

GI Home Loan – Before the Veteran’s Administration will guarantee up to $2,000 of your home loan, it must know almost to the dollar what the house is worth and what repairs are necessary. By Sgt. Barrett McGurn

Mail Call

YANK Gets a Hash Mark

Strictly G.I.

YANK Pin-up Girl: Gloria De Haven

Navy Notes

Sports Parade

Sports: GI Rookie ( Dave “Boo” Ferriss ) By Cpl. Tom Shehan