YANK US 1945 04 13 (PDF)




Vol. 3 No. 43

Cover: Front-Line Portrait of a Rifle Company Medic – The combat medic who posed for Sgt. Howard Brodie, YANK staff artist, at the Ninth Army front in Germany is Pfc. Oliver Poythress of Raleigh, N. C, attached to K Company, 406th Infantry, 102d Division. For more sketches of K Company men, see pages 2, 3 & 4.

Articles Inside:

Assault Company – Sgt. Howard Brodie, YANK artist, sketches his impressions of four hot days in action with riflemen of the 102nd Infantry Division in Germany

Goebbels Lived Here – When GIs entered the home town of the Nazi propaganda minister they found him remembered, but without affection or respect. By Cpl. Howard Katzander

Battle Chaplain – He goes up under fire without arms, listens to the TS gripes of his GIs and writes home to their families when they fall. By Cpl. George Barrett

Yanks at Home and Abroad

Less Than A Minute ( Attack on an Essex Carrier ) – A pleasant, lazy afternoon on a U.S. carrier broke up in a hurry when four Jap Bettys tore in out of nowhere to launch an attack. By Cpl. James Goble

Atlantic Vs. Pacific – Sailors who served on both oceans prefer the Atlantic; it’s safer now, the weather’s better, and shore liberty is best of all. By Pfc. Justin Gray

Your Home Town Paper – It looks just the same at first glance, but when you inspect it you find fewer pages, more women reporters, more GI news. By Sgt. Georg N. Meyers

Manila – Two of YANK’s cameramen, Sgt. Dick Hanley and Cpl. Roger Wrenn, were in on the taking of Manila. Here is the record in pictures of what they saw. ( Photo Report )

The Sad Sack by Sgt George Baker

What’s Your Problem?

Camp News

The Battle of Lexington Avenue ( Fiction ) By Cpl. Knox Burger

GI Shopping Service – Lace undies to baby boots, what you want, they’ll buy. By Cpl. Hyman Goldberg

Mail Call

Strictly GI

YANK Pin-up Girl: Dorothy Malone

The Poets Cornered


Sports: Joe Cronin Thinks the Rest of the American League Will Trail the Yankees and Detroit By Cpl. Tom Shehan