YANK US 1945 02 09 (PDF)


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What Jap Prisoners Think About the War and Us ……. Cover : Bartender from Brooklyn ….. AT Biak, Netherlands New Guinea, Pvt. William J. Frennell, who used to be a bartender in Brooklyn, N. Y., opens up his saloon for photographer Sgt. Dick Hartley and anyone else who wants to be served. His stock consists of Japanese port wine, lager beer and sake. No ice, no ginger ale, no soda.

A talk with some Japs

Bernard Baruch

Camera in the Philippines

Defense of Stavelot


Kindly Let All Those Who Are Going Out First

Rations De Luxe

Work Furlough

Mail Call

Navy Notes

News From Home


Yank Pin-up Girl : Pat Clark

Yanks at Home Abroad