YANK US 1945 02 02 (PDF)




Cover: Hunting Snipers: The American rifleman moving through a war pocked building in Aachen, Germany. is Pvt Ralph J. De Franco of Pittsburgh, Pa. At the moment a Signal Corps photographer made this picture, De Franco was trying to get in a shot at a German sniper who’d been pecking away at the Yanks 

Articles Inside:

Iron-Man Battalion by Sgt. Joe McCarthy is about Pfc. Milburn H. Henke of Huttchingson, Minn, the first American soldier to set foot in the European theater and the 34th Division outfit that spent 350 in the front lines of Tunisia and Italy. Troops listed include: Sgt. Max Shepherd. Sgt. Stanley Sertka, Sgt. Jeffrey Snoble, Pvt. Ralph Loy, Sgt. Everall Schenbrich and T-5 Raymond Sonksen of Iowa

Iceland Ain’t by Sgt. John Moran stories of GIs in Iceland, Doris Perkins photographed with her packed bag bound for Pearl Harbor. Soldier thoughts on a post-war veterans program

Theater in Wartime by SGT. Georg N. Meyers featuring photo of Joan McCracken in Oklahoma and Veteran Frank Fay in Harvey on Broadway

Break-Through Tales by Sgt. Ed Cunningham is about the 84th Division and the impact of the Kraut counteroffensive and the capture of a German King Tiger tank

Night in a Belgian Caf by Sgt. Bill Davidson

Variety Show Produced by Cameras of the War pictures include: WAC Sgt. Mary Lou Hayes in the Puerto Rico, Veteran Chef Paul Vallee, S/Sgt. Alex Smallwood, SGT. Bob Mundstedt in Dutch New Guinea, Irving Chornus, Hawaiians May Moniz. CPL. Bizzles Busy Day by Sgt. Grant Robbins. Sgt. A.L. Bohannon with Cat on his hat. Pvt. Glenn Reyolds and Cpl. Robert Gould wiring music, Pfc. Ernest Goeldner, Pvt. Robert Stiegman dancing. Pvt. Foster J Graham- paratroop Veteran who wants another try

Yank Pin up girl Lizabeth Scott

GI Tex Rickard by Sgt. Burtt Evans