YANK US 1945 01 26 (PDF)


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How Germans Killed American Prisoners of War ……. Cover : Rescue Party in Alaska ….. SCENIC beauty and constant danger went hand-in-hand for GI volunteers who scaled an Alaska peak near Mount McKinley to recover the bodies of 19 men killed in a C-47 crash. More pictures of what the expedition members went through in reaching the wreckage are on pages 12 and 13.

Alaska Rescue Mission

Iran Accounting

Landing at Ormoc

Lone Wolf Mission

Massacre at Malmedy

Road Out of Town

The Jap Soldier

The man who liked SPAM

Home Towns in Wartime – Brooklyn, N.Y.

Mail Call

Navy Notes – PT Man on a Destroyer

News From Home


Yank Pin-up Girls : Eve Whitney, Elaine Shepard, Helen O’Hara, Kay Booth & Noreen Roth