YANK US 1945 01 05 (PDF)


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A Cruiser’s Log From Midway to the Philippines ……. Cover : A Visit From Ike ….. WEARING boots completely identified as his own by three letters, “IKE,” the Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces makes a surprise visit to some hard-working GIs on the Western Front. The soldier on right, ( Sergeant Eugene C. Shaffer ), still holds on to his cigarette (something not to be thrown away these days) as he comes to attention. Ike doesn’t seem to mind.

British Demobilization Plan

Galapagos Life

Guerrillas on Leyte

How Herman Kluck Won The War

Log of the Sweet P ( USS Portland )

Pullam’s Pillbox

War in the Forest

Camp News

Mail Call

Navy Notes



Variety Show

Veterans on the Farm

What’s Your Problem?

Yank Pin-up Girl : Janis Carter