YANK US 1944 08 25 (PDF)




Vol. 3 No. 10

Tanker in the Marianas ……. Cover : The man at rest is Cpl. Thomas O’Neal, 2d Marine Division. He is sitting in front of his M4 tank in the town of Garapan on the island of Saipan after the Japs had been wiped out. Tin roofs and signs provide makeshift camouflage for the tank. YANK’s Sgt. Bill Young made the picture.

The Battle of Belvedere

Anybody want an apple?

Picnic at Sansapor

Return of the Russians

Roman Holiday

Switzerland of the Pacific

The Hot Jeep Department

Virgin Islanders Get Their Greetings

What should we do with the Germans and Japs after the war?

Yanks Train Brazilian Squadron

Camp News

Mail Call



What goes on in the Entertainment World back home

Yank Pin-up Girl : Marie McDonald