YANK TY 1945 11 16 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 8

Cover: Silver Hunter, Manila Bay — One of the divers detailed to recover 17 million silver pesos from Manila Bay is T/Sgt. Harrison T. Martin of San Francisco, Calif. In this picture, by S/Sgt. Ed Wergeles, PRO, AFWESPAC, he is shown on a salvage ship with the spoils he brought back from the bottom. Other pictures of silver—hunting operations are on page 5. ……. Articles Inside: …

Rackets and Veterans — Don’t get the idea that everyone is out to skin the veteran, but there are some slick operators with eyes on your mustering—out pay. Here YANK tells you what to watch out for. By Sgt. H. N. Oliphant

Silver Hunt

People on the Home Front — Arthur E. DuBois By Sgt. Barrett McGurn

“How Do You Feel About the Americans Leaving Italy?” By Photographers Pfc. Werner Wolff and Cpl. Charles James

Tokyo PX By Sgt George Burns and Photos by Sgt. E. R. Allen

French Pictures — The picture business in France, which languished under German occupation, is getting a new lease on life in spite of shortages of material and personnel. French studios are once more operating, with borrowed props and improvised scenery. By Cpl. Marvin Sleeper

Arriving Home on the Queen Elizabeth By YANK artist Sgt. Bob Greenhalgh

The Sad Sack by Sgt George Baker

What’s Your Problem?


Report on the VA — The report requested by President Roosevelt from Bernard M. Baruch recommends widespread changes in the Veterans Administration from better medical care to easier GI loans.

Mail Call

Strictly GI

YANK Pin-up Girl: Donna Reed

Clothes and Things ( Elizabeth Hawes ) By Sgt. Al Hine

Casualty in New York ( YANK Fiction ) By Cpl. Bill Feinberg

Sports: Bronco Rider ( Tom Knight ) By Cpl. Mike Detzer