YANK MD 1945 08 17 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 25 … Break … Painting of the Italian Campaign by 5th Army Artists ……….. Three weary infantrymen take a break on a muddy hillside in Okinawa before going on to take a Jap strong point. Other pictures from Okinawa by YANK photographer Mason Pawlak, CPhoM are on pages 12 and 13.

Articles in this Issue:

That Pacific War — This chapter in the YANK series of articles for ETO veterans who are sweating the Jap war brings up the weather and the combat methods, which are not much different, and discusses the fancy Far Eastern diseases that don’t grow in Brooklyn / By Sgt. Barrett McGurn

We Came From Brazil — Before going home a Brazilian precinha—GI for short—gives YANK readers his impressions of the mountain war in Italy. (Jose Curti) / By Sgt. Waldo Caparica

Berlin Today — Occupied Berlin is the German problem in miniature. There are three armies of occupation, there are night clubs; there is hunger; and the winter will be tough. (Pvt. Luba Rosenova, Kurt Leisser, Dr Arthur Werner, Col. Frank Howley, Maj. Feodorovitch Platonov, Gert Pagel, Pierre Naida, Johanna Mueller, Erne Stock and Hermann Stoesser)  / By Sgt. Merle Miller

Unsung Hero — Pvt. Moravick doesn’t ask much from the Army—just recognition of his talents and a pass now and then, but does the Army ever come across? No. / By Sgt. Marion Hargrove

The war in Italy as seen by soldier-artists (Capt. Rudolph Charles Von Ripper, T/Sgt. Savo Radulovic, T/4 Harry A. Davis Jr., T/3 Frank Duncan Jr., T/3 Ludwig Mactarian, Capt. Edward A. Reep and M/Sgt. Mitchell Siporin)

The Sad Sack “Simple Arithmetic” / By Sgt. George Baker

War Poets

All Afternoon The Autumn Light / By Sgt. Samuel French Morse

On Ravel’s Concerto For The Left Hand / By Sgt. James Steel Smith

The Battle Of Panama / By Sgt. Lysander Kemp

On The Death Of A Friend In The War / By Sgt. David Perkins

Letter To Joe / By S/Sgt. Troy Garrison

In Memory Of A President / By Sgt. John Hay

Warm Legs / By Sgt. Len Zinberg

Mail Call

Go Easy With Jerries / By Pfc. William R. Zion

Illegitimate Children / By Pvt. William Smith

Enemy Diplomats / Pfc. Herbert M. Breidenbach

Flushing The Jap / S/Sgt. Harmon L. Field

Nisei / By T/5 Earl C. Moore and Pvt. Jim Brindisi

…. And Negroes / By 1st Lt. Wade H. McCree Jr.

SS Girls / By Lt. V. Zeigner

Me Smoke, Joe?

Divorce Reform / By D. L. Gilkei GM1c

Bonus Suggestion / By S/Sgt. Arthur W. McCanless

Cleaning German Castles / By Pfc. Don Michela

Achtung, Minen!

Double Take / By Sgt. E. P. Haglund

Tough War / By Pfc. George Brailsford, USMC

War Criminals / By S/Sgt. A. E. Harris

They Thought He Was A Kraut – It took Cpl. Gilbert J. Beamesderfer 31 days to talk his way out of a U.S. Army PW camp and back to his status as just another Yank GI. / By Sgt. Walter Bernstein

The Monk (Lt. Col. Charles Robert “Monk” Meyer) / By Sgt. John McLeod

YANK Cartoons

YANK Pin-up Girl – Andrea King