YANK MD 1945 06 29 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 18 … Venetian Taxi ……….. Three GIs of the 88th Division get ready for a gondola ride along lagoon near San Marco Square in Venice. Fare is 50 lira per hour, island of San Giorgio on Grand Canal can be seen in the rear.

Articles in this Issue:

Bill Mauldin – The creator of Willie and Joe won fame and wealth when he pictured the doughfoot’s bitter role in Italian campaign. / By Sgt. Harry Sions

The Pershing M26 (T26 E3 Tank)

Big Ben – The Essex-class carrier USS Franklin absorbed more punishment off Japan than any ship was meant to take, but she limped home toward Pearl with her cargo of dead and living heroes. / By Sgt. Larry McManus

Venice – 2 Page Photo Story

GI Home Loan – Before the Veteran’s Administration will guarantee up to $2,000 of your home loan, it must know almost to the dollar what the house is worth and what repairs are necessary. (Pfc. Herbert J. Pugh and Cpl. Florence Streng) / By Sgt. Barrett McGurn

Return to Mannheim (Photo Report) / By Pfc. Werner Wolff

The Sad Sack “Vicious Cycle” / By Sgt. George Baker

The Great Big Wait (YANK Fiction) By Cpl. Sam Elkin

The Poets Cornered

Air Depot / By T/Sgt. Charles E. Butler

On Permanence / By T-4 Stan Flink

Mobile / By Cpl. J. Monroe Jones Jr.

Supply / By Pfc. Bob Timrick

Water Buffalo / By Sgt. Smith Dawless

Rear Guard / By Cpl. Hargis Westerfield

Refugees / By Pfc. J. T. Waterhouse

One American Speaks / By Pfc. Lauriat Lane Jr.

The Buzzy-Wuzzy Fly / By T-5 Norman Lipman

Mail Call

Illegitimate Children / By S/Sgt. Pat Crichton

More Baby Talk / By Pfc. Raymond Frey

Regular Army / By M/Sgt. Rudy C. Scaglione and M/Sgt. R. A. Mabry

On Fraternization

Red-Taped Veterans / By Ralph A. Neasham

Aircraft Pin-Ups / By Cpl. Elvin Munyan

Essential Medics

PXs / By Cpl. Nosmo King and Cpl. Gabriel Bamberger

GI Tweeds and Ties / By Sgt. Russ Worman

Japan’s Rice Fields / By Pvt. Robert Kalbach and Pfc. D. Kamps

Strictly GI

A Bad Night – Four men in an Okinawa foxhole wait for the dawn, uncertain of anything but the Japs’ nearness and their own fears. / By Pfc. Justin Gray and YANK Artist Sgt. Robert Greenhalgh

Battle Stars – Here is the official list of battles and campaigns of the U.S. Army that rate a bronze star, as of 12 May 1945, the current deadline for Adjusted Service Rating Card point credits

Sports: GI Rookie (Dave “Boo” Ferriss) / By Cpl. Tom Shehan

Alois Knapp, Nudist / By Pfc. Debs Myers

YANK Cartoons

YANK Pin-up Girl – Gloria De Haven