YANK EU 1945 01 26 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 43
24 pages
Traffic Jam … GIs in Congress Discuss Problems of Veterans ……….. In the grim struggle to drive the Nazis from the Po Valley, civilians as well as soldiers suffer hardships of war. T 4 Peter Yaskeil, APS staff photographer, shows Italian families, laden with household belongings, fleeing to rear areas from their bombed-out homes in the Fifth Army sector. A GI supply truck (center) waits patiently for the traffic jam to break.

Burma War …out of the jungles into the cities; The marauders trek through the mountains of Burma

Souvenir Savvy; You can’t take it with you if it’s loaded or looted

“Color means nothing at the front” – four artillerymen of the 92nd Div. Charles Bodwen, Charles Orrett. B.C. MC Clain, Maurice Walker

Spaghetti BOwl; Big John Moody leads 5th Army to 20-0 victory over 12th Air Force in Florence; Arthur Faircloth, Joseph J. McShane, John Moody, George A. Miller, Peggy Jean, Lou Bush

Capturing a Gestapo General – Anton Dunckern – Metz

Map of Western Germany

Fall out for an interview; Ray Duncan

GIs in Congress; 

The Homing Front – 5th Army couriers in Pigeon-holes look down on rear echelon birds

Who is who in tennis: Don McNeil, Bob Falkenburg, Pauline Betz, William Talbert, Frank Parker, Pancho Segura, Seymour Greenberg

B-29 Waddy’s Wagon

Candy Jones as Yank Pin-up Girl