YANK EU 1944 09 22 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 25
Marseilles Harbor … Picture Story of Executions in Grenoble ……….. Marseilles, largest port of France, as seen from a high point by a MAAF camera. On hill in background is famous church of Notre Dame de la Garde. In the “Old harbor” is a ship scuttled by the Germans to block the entrance. ……….. Articles Inside:
Skyway to Siberia — Russians and Yanks working together have sent more than 5,000 Lend-Lease aircraft to the Soviet Union via Alaska, the shortest route from our factories to their front lines. (Lt. Col. H. P, Little, Col. Michael Machin, Lt. Nicholas DeTolly, Lt. Richard Hettenbaugh, Lt. Bob Glass, Lt. Frederick J. Kane, Capt. Natilie F. Fenelonova, Pfc. Frank Nigro, Sgt. Frank T. Bondy, Capt. E. B. Gentry, Lt. Col. Riley J. Sipe, T/Sgt. Gerald J. Lambert, M/Sgt. Paul F. Mooney, Elena A. Makarova, Capt. George G. Kisevalter, Lt. Michael Gavrisheff, Capt. Anatol Rapoaport, Lt. Igor A. Gubert, Lt. Gubert, S/Sgt. Victor F. Salatko, Sgt. Elias Borotovsky, Sgt Alexander Homonchuck, Vladimir V. Finogenoff, Senior Lt. Peter Gamov, Lts. Jacob D. Gorbenko and Fedor I. Trapeznikov) / By Sgt. Georg N. Meyers
Marauder Magic — It was a case of “now you see them, now you don’t” when the U.S. raiders in Jap-held Burma opened their bag of tricks. / By Sgt. Dave Richardson
Traitors’ End — Six young Frenchmen who helped the Nazis are executed in a Grenoble square where 22 patriots had met a similar fate at the hands of foreign invaders.
Paris Express — Everywhere the GIs went, the people of France asked them whether the big American train on schedule as it roared through Brittany and on toward the capital. (Pfc. Andrew M. Ciocco, Lt. Col. Fuller, Sgt. Fred Kennedy, S/Sgt. Joseph Zupancic and Capt. Milton Berger) / By Sgt. Saul Levitt
Children and War — No matter where he goes overseas, GI Joe discovers that the kids are never far away. Here are a few of his young foreign friends. (Photo Story)
Watch on the Rhone — TAF bottled up the Nazis in Southwestern France by knocking out the bridges, then smashed all transport-and it’s tough walking from Provence to Prussia (Pfc. Edward Nettler, Cpl. Sterling Hayter, Brig. Gen. Gordon P. Saville, Capt. Samuel A. White, Jr., 2nd Lt. S.E. Jorgenson, 2nd Lt. D.L. Dupret, Sgt. Clyde F. Brown, Pvt. Walter F. Hannegan / By Sgt. August Loeb
The Sad Sack “Planning” / By Sgt. George Baker
The mouse / By Pvt. Warren Kerr
Yank’s Page of Laughs
Mail Call
Protest From 15th AF / By Lt. Hugh M. Rowe Jr., Sgt. Allen Cannon, Lt. William S. Livingston, Lt. R.W. Hodge and Lt. Sol N. Greenberg
Germans and Japs / By T/5 Sidney E. Porcelain, Pvt. Martin Suess, Pvt. Louis C. Gaerig Jr. and Pvt. Henry Feldman
A Fair Break / Pvt. Fred W. Fritz
No White Women / Pfc. Jake Owens
Pay Raise / 1st Lt. Ray C. Indermill
Term of Office / By Pvt. Ralph B. North and Sgt. Matthew E. Breeden
Overseas Censorship / By Sgt. James R. Brown
The Poets Cornered

In Time of “The Breaking of Nations” / By Thomas Hardy

Why We Fight / By Pfc. R.E. Lee

Ballad For Beating The Censor / By Pvt. Burt Harris

Man With A Gun / By Sgt. Harold Applebaum
Despondent Dogface / By Sgt. Howard E. Evans
Be Not Impatient / By Sgt. Carlyle A. Oberie
Island Happy / By Cpl. Kenneth S. Davidson
Furlough Foibles / By Sgt. John Readey
Letter from Home
Report on Joe DiMaggio
The Ghost of Guam — Hunted day and night by Jap patrols, this Navy radioman sweated out 31 months as a fugitive on the enemy island. ( George Tweed RM1c) / By Cpl. Tom O’Brien
YANK Pin-Up Girl – Jean Parker