YANK EU 1944 08 18 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 21 … In The Bag … Nazi Prisoner Reactions in Italy and France ……….. German troops taken prisoner by the Fifth Army display a revealing assortment of “mugs” for YANK’S Sgt. George A. Aarons. Some smile, some scowl, some look dead-pan. At the upper right, note Russian civilians who were forced to work for Nazis. ……….. Articles Inside:
Superman Speaks — “You’re a long way from Berlin,” a cocky German master sergeant captured on the Fifth army front boasts to a YANK interviewer. / By Sgt. James P. O’Neill
Prisoners Swap Places — Turning the tables, Amer­ican forces in France herd long lines of listless Germans be­hind barbed wire and turn loose Russians who were pressed into hard labor after being cap­tured on the Eastern front.
The Germans In / By Sgt. Walter Peters
The Russians Out / By Sgt. Bill Davidson
Report From the Western Front — Four correspondents and an artist set down their impressions of the fighting in Normandy, where every field is a battleground. / By Sgt. Bill Davidson and artist Sgt. John Scott
Hilltop OP / By Cpl. John Preston
Sniper Fire / By Sgt. Walter Peters
Moving Up / By Sgt. Saul Levitt
Louisville, Ky. – Home Towns In Wartime / By Cpl. James B. Goble
Buzz-Bomb Blitz (V-1s) / By Sgt. Francis Burke
Arm’s Length From a Jap Battleship — Two Navy men bailed out of a torpedo plane so close to the enemy vessel that one could touch a cable trailing from its stern. (George H. (Pluto) Platz AMM1c, Ellis C. Babcock ARM2c, Lt. (jg) Benjamin C. Tate, J.F. Siwicki ARM2c, Lt. Warren R. Omarck, Robert E. Ranes and Lt. (jg) George P. Brown) / By Sgt. Bill Reed
Mail Call
American Superiority / Sgt. Phil Seligman
Saluting Nazi Prisoners / Pfc. David Weisgerber
Wac’s Picture / Raymond A. Dodd, Sgt. N.E. Bussan and Pfc. Michael Moffo
Unloaded Gun / By Pfc. Jack MacTavish, Cpl. F.C. Nanartowich, Pfc. H.J. Wachter, T/4 Paul Johnson, Pvt. George Rainville, Pfc. Waine Meanor, Cpl. B.F. Waddell Jr., Cpl. W. Walzer, Pvt. George Palakiewic, Sgt. F.T. Adamo, Pfc. M.N. Gary and Sgt. John F. Urwiller
Queen of Tent 11 / By S/Sgt. Raymond Swingholm
Somebody’s Baby / By S/Sgt. David Graves
Yank’s Page of Laughs
The Sad Sack “Unburdened” / By Sgt. George Baker
LIFE Goes to a Party / By Sgt. Ray Duncan
The Use of Federal Ballots
Washington OP
Letter from Home
Duration Heavyweights (Jimmy Bivins, Tami Mauriello, Joe Baksi, Lee Oma, Lee Q. Murray and Lee Savold)
Sports: Unsolved Mystery of Babe Dahlgren / By Sgt. Dan Polier
Sports Service Record
Raid in the North Pacific — Fog forced the B-24s back from Matsuwa but the warships went on alone / By Cpl. John Haverstick
Jeeps on the Farm? / By Sgt. Merle Miller
YANK Pin-Up Girl – Janet Blair