YANK EU 1944 05 17 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 8
Anzio Milkman … Service Squadron Keeps ’em Flying ……….. The health inspector would faint at Sgt. Granville “Shorty” Harper’s dairy utensil, but his buddies on the Anzio beachhead made no complaint. The only trouble with using your helmet for a milk pail. Shorty told YANK photographer Slim Aarons, is that the flies love you.

Houses if Italy; Newton H. Fulbright

Rosie’s Riveter and its crew: Bai;ey, Rosenthal, Milburn, Lewis, Darling, Bocuzzi, Mack, Hall, DeBlasio, Robinson

Salvage Divers – Charles Jones from Bay City, Mich.; , James Schultz from Appleton, Wis; Tony Scianti, Antony LeBlanc

Vinegar Joe said no when Jap prisoner tried to shake his hand in Burma

Gene L.Nelson

Lackiest Maa Alive – James A. Raley from Henderson, Ky.

Tale of a merchant mariner – William W. Clendaniel

Italy Vets Bat the Breeze

Service Men of 12th Air Force; William Eddins of Somerville, Ala. ; Norman Tritten of Claire City, S. Dak. Lester Stambough of West Palm Beach, Fla. ; Houston Grant, Eugene Perkey, William Roberts, John Long, John Micek; photos by John Frano

Somewhere in Italy; Ralph Rosa from Bronx, F.W. Fayette from Manchester, N.H.; Valerie Klimalawith Frank and August

B-26 over Italy

Huck Finn

Pin-up Girl – Ingrid Bergman