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Vol. 1 No. 8Anzio MilkmanService Squadron Keeps ‘Em Flying ……….. The health inspector would faint at Sgt. Granville “Shorty” Harper’s dairy utensil, but his buddies on the Anzio beachhead made no complaint. The only trouble with using your helmet for a milk pail. Shorty told YANK photographer Slim Aarons, is that the flies love you.

……….. Articles Inside:

Houses of Italy

They are dark and dingy but GIs at the Cassino front won’t forget how comfortable life was behind their thick walls when the German shells were thundering outside. / By Sgt. Newton H. Fulbright (Sgt. Quentin D. Barrington, Sgt. Hubert (Cowboy Slim) Simons, Cpl. Harlan Copeland, 1st Lt. Robert Hand, Pfc. Henry Hohensee, Cpl. R. L. Scott)

Rosie’s Riveters

Everybody on the field, even the dignified staff in the control tower, went wild when Capt. Rosenthal and his combat-weary crew brought their ship home safely from Berlin. / By Sgt. Saul Levitt (J. E. Woodard, S/Sgt. Bill DeBlasio, Capt. Robert Rosenthal, T/Sgt. Michael V. Bocuzzi, S/Sgt. Ray H. Robinson, Capt. (now Maj.) Everett E. Blakely, Lt. C. J. Milburn, S/Sgt. L. F. Darling, Lt. Ronald C. Bailey, S/Sgt. J. H. Shaffer, Lt. W. T. Lewis, S/Sgt. J. F. Mack, T/Sgt. C. C. Hall, S/Sgt. Marion J. (Junior) Sheldon, Lt. Winfrey (Pappy) Lewis, Capt. F. E. Callahan, Lt. Col. Kidd, Col. Harding, Capt. Putnam, Lt. Gen. Spaatz and. Maj. Gen. Doolittle)

Salvage Divers

(Chief John Cazzassa, 2Cl. Charles Jones, 1Cl. Antony LeBlanc, 2Cl. James Schultz, 1CI. Tony Scionti)

Vinegar Joe Said No When Jap Prisoner Tried to Shake His Hand in Burma / By Sgt. Ed Cunningham

(Lt. Gen. Joseph Stilwell, S/Sgt. George Cohen, Sgt. William Barker, Pvt. Sam Keltch, Adm. Lord Louis
Mountbatten, Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, Sgt. Joseph Sims, Cpl. Ted Strahotsky, Pfc. George Shuff, Pfc. Phillip Gillotti, Pvt. Bob O’Connell, Pvt. Austin Reblin, Pvt. Felix Blais, T-4 John Shultz, T-5 John Noglowski, Lt. George E. Hawkins Jr., S/Sgt. Tony Cosky, Sgt. Joseph A. McStay, Pfc. Lester Blalock, Sgt. Arville Brown, Lt. Col. Gordon Seagrave)

Horseless Navy / By Cpl. Ralph Boyce

(Maj. Arthur Herman, S/Sgt. William Hutchison, Cpl. Carl Phillips, Cpl. Carl Sarappo, Pfc. Wilmer Goldering)

Pranksters in the Sky / Cpl. Tom Shehan

For Officers Only

(Maj. Lord Wilfred I. J. Innis-Kerr, Lt. Col. Humphrey Willis Holliston, Col. Sir James Illingsworth, Capt. Jeffrey Hay Bondsfeather, Cmdr. Paul P. Pottlesworth, WT2c Joe Butts, Lt. Ralph Lehan

Plenty of Moo but No Mamas: Sad Plight Of the Army’s Richest NCO Club / By Pfc. John Haverstick

(Fort Richardson , S/Sgt. Gene L. Nelson, Pvt. John S. Fields, Pvt. Firman E. Henricks)

Evil Spirit / By Cpl. Ozzie St. George

Luckiest Man Alive (Sgt. James A. Raley) / By Sgt. August Loeb , Illustrated By Sgt. Ed Vebell

Tale of a Merchant Mariner Out on a Limb in the Atlantic / Sgt. Frank Bode (Capt. William W. Clendaniel, Sgt. Samuel Palermo, S/Sgt. Robert E. Norton and T-5 James Baldwin)

Italy Vets Bat the Breeze / By Sgt. Jack Denton Scott (Cpl. James Clanahan, Sgt. C. B. Collins, Cpl. George Coals, Sgt. James C. Gay, Cpl. Wilfred Champion, Sgt. William Guhn, Sgt. Jesse Wilson Collins, Cpl. J. E. Colbert, Cpl. Antaria Consoletti)

Service Men

Somewhere In Italy A Twelfth Air Force Service Squadron Is Visited By Yank Photographer Sgt. John Frano (S/Sgt. William Eddins, S/Sgt. Norman Tritten, S/Sgt. Randall Wallace, Sgt. Willard Holloway, T/Sgt. Eugene Perkey, Sgt. William Roberts, Sgt. Neil McArthur, Sgt. Clarence Garrett, Sgt. Charles Wood, Pvt. Frank Holland, Pvt. Harold Beck, S/Sgt. John Lang, Cpl. John Micek, Pfc. Bob Eager, S/Sgt. Lester Stambaugh, Pfc. Houston Grant)

Somewhere In Italy

   When Kraut Tanks Break Through, Page Pvt. Nelson (Pfc. Albert L. Nelson)

   Roxy Movie Usher Burns Up a Very Tough Customer (S/Sgt. William L. Miller)

   Beachhead Brew (Pfc. Ralph Rosa)

   Two GIs with Guts See Their Job and Do It / By Pvt. Joseph E. Palmer (Sgt. Roger Knoble, Pvt. Frank Acker, Pfc. Robert Swayne)

   Busy Medics Send for Help And Get It—Kraut Help (medics, Cpl. Theodore Siegel and Sgt. Robert Schulz)

   Tail Hit (S/Sgt. F. W. Fayette)

   After Five Years’ Search, Luckiest Soldier Finds Wife and Children (Pvt. Mate Blank)

   Hot Java (Air Wac Valerie Klimala, Pvt. Frank, left, and Cpl. August)

   Shoes vs. Shells (Pvt. Clayton Cochrane)

   Corporal Invents Electrical System for Marauder Bombers (Cpl. Charles V. Karlmann)

   Right Name, Wrong Man—Fatal Mistake for Six Krauts (Sgt. William Cucienello, Sgt. Eric Leitner)

   This Private Looks Good —In a Smokescreen (Pvt. Lewis W. Hardy)

   GI Loses Appetite (Pvt. Edward Rabinowitz)

   Tough Old 1st Sergeant Turns Down Trip Home (First Sergeant Vladimir N. Twelkmeyer) / By Cpl. Merrill Harrison

   Italy Commuter (Pvt. William Frecentese)

Rail Yards Wrecked (Campo di Marte)

Letter From The States

(Gerald L. K. Smith, Col. Robert McCormick)

   Wilson Lives Again (Darryl Zanuck, Eleanor Wilson McAdoo, Bernard Baruch, Josephus Daniels, Vance McCormick, Francis B. Sayre, Josephus P. Tumulty)

   Flexible Lovers (Frederick C. Othman, Robert Walker, Joan Blondell, Dick Powell, Joan Fontaine, Brian Aherne, Judy Garland, Dave Rose, Anna Lee, Director Robert Stevenson, Martha Raye, Judy Canova, Joan Crawford, Ann Sothern, Greer Garson, Betty Grable, Alice Faye, Lana Turner, Ginger Rogers and Dorothy Lamour)

   Stogie Shortage

   Multiple Marriages (Joseph White Musser)

   Travel Orders

   Dry Run

   Science Gets Personal (Robert L. Davidson)

Mail Call

   Wrecker Combat Crews

   Sad Sack’s Feet (Sgt. J. J. GIBBS, S/Sgt. O. G. Mayeux, Sgt. W. S. Critz and Pvt. Thomas G. Riker)

   Durocher’s 400 Dollars (Leo Durocher) / By Cpl. W. E. Sumner

   34th Sounds Off / By 1st Sgt. Andres, S/Sgt. Stutzman, Cpl. Thill, Pvt. Patterson

   Post-War Jobs / By Sgt. J. L. Riehl and Cpl. James F. Wall

Eager Eagle / Sgt. Bill Barrett (S/Sgt. Primitnio Vialpando)

The Sad Sack “Sucker” / By Sgt. George Baker

What’s Your Problem?

   Navy Numerals / By Joe Curtis S1c

   Medical Operations / By Pfc. Frank G. Pendall

   Return to Overseas / By S/Sgt Joe Morton

   Insurance Premiums Waived / By Lt. E. J. Bryant

   GI “Minors” / Pfc. James N. Heller

What Goes On In The Entertainment World Back Home


   Night Spots

   Band Beat

   Coast to Coast

   Leave Us Leave It Alone

Sports: So You Know Sports? Then Try This Easy Little Quiz / By Sgt. Dan Polier

Sports Service Record

knot-hole preview of American League pennant race

Most experts are practically conceding flag to Washington’s draft-proof Cubans, but Chicago, St. Louis and once-mighty Yankees look dangerous.

YANK Pin-Up Girl: Ingrid Bergman