YANK EU 1944 05 08 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 7
New Thunderbolt … “Battle Clinic” Shows How to Fight in Italy ……….. The size and striking power of the new P-47 Thunderbolt fighter-bomber is well shown in this photograph by Sgt. George Aarons. This seven-and-a-half ton airplane is raising hell with enemy rail communications in Northern Italy and is proving as effective at low altitudes as at great heights. ……….. Articles Inside:

“Old Soldiers Come Back” Lessons learned in battle can pay big dividends, “shop talk” of line sergeants shows. / By Sgt. Byron Burtt Evans
(T/Sgt. Harry Moore, S/Sgt Manuel S. “Ugly” Gonzales, T/Sgt. Haliburton, T/Sgt James Arnold, T/Sgt Ed Taylor and T/Sgt Bill Weber)
GI Drivers Worse Than Women, 5th Army Reveals
Patchport to Favor / By Sgt Georg N. Meyer
Manpower Shortage / By Sgt Charles Pearson
Finder No Keeper / By Cpl Frank L. Trezise
Sad Sack Shakes a Limp Paw With Old Joe (S/Sgt George Baker and Sgt Bill Mauldin)
Slow Starter — Lt. Gerry Kisters, the first soldier in the war to receive both the DSC and Medal of Honor, sweated out 22 months in this Army before he made corporal. / By Sgt. Mack
Big Rodeo and Bar-B-Q (Marines in Central Pacific)
Back to Burma — Stilwell’s army has returned to the jungles where the Japs gave him a “hell of a beating” two years ago. / By Sgt Ed Cunningham
20 Minutes from Rabaul — The husky, well-fed Jap marines at Green Island, important stop on the way to Tokyo, folded up when an Infantry force of New Zealanders landed on their beaches, hungry for some knock­down and drag-out war. By. Sgt Barrett McGurn
Pillbox on the Run
Central Europe & The Mediterranean Centerfold Map
Somewhere in Italy
Big Bill Johnstone, Given Up For Dead, Comes Back for More (Pri­vate First Class William J. Johnstone) / By Pfc Melvin Diamond
Tough Old Sergeant Takes His Hat Off to Paddlefeet / By Cpl Fred Sheehan
Anzio Yanks Not Fooled Long by Foxy Nazi Tricks
This Company Clerk Does His Red-Lining Under Fire (Wayne Benson) / By Pvt Joseph E. Palmer
When Three Bombs Meet Up With This PFC, He Soys -Am I Hurt?. (Pfc. William J. Godwin)
Rock Terraces and Towel Racks Make “The Foxhole Beautiful”
Wounded in Enemy Action, They Get No Purple Hearts (Edwin Hennessey Jr. and Rus­sell M. Tripp) / By Pvt Joseph E. Palmer
Lemon Flapjacks
Escape From A Jap Ambush — Surprised by the enemy deep in the Bougainville jungle, this American patrol sent back three scouts on a two-hour trip to get reinforcements, it took them two days. (Sgt, Otis K. Haw­kins, Pfc. Frank Polasek and Pfc. Michael Guerra) (Also included Sgt. Truman D. Souden, Pvt. George A. Billen, Cpl. George J. (Red) Conaway, Pfc. Ted Prozek, Peltiah W. Leete, Pfc. Elbert H. (Doc) Watson, S/Sgt. Arthur W. Rickey, Maj. Gen. Robert S. Beightler and 2d Lt. Carl Koppler)
“Good Morning, Dear Sergeant,” Children Sing (T-4 Wallace Ruslerholtz) / By Cpl James P. O’Neill
The Sad Sack “Good Neighbors“ / By George Baker
What’s Your Problem?
Running For Public Office / S/Sgt F. A. Paris
Wives Overseas / Pfc. Norman Jordan
Softball / Cpl. John T. Tapley
Disability Retirement / M/Sgt George Duryea
Fourragere / Pvt. Sylvester Williams
Partial Pay
Jap Plan For Six Invasions Of The American Mainland
YANK Crossword Puzzle
Golf Log
Letter Division
Navy Notes
Unauthorized Ribbons

New Jap Uniform
British Flat-Tops
Letter from the States
Sports Round-Up
Sports: Take to the Hills, Men!  Giants. Dodgers Feuding / By Dan Polier
Sports Service Record
YANK Pin-Up Girl: Martha O’Driscoll