YANK DU 1944 07 07 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 49 ……. Cover: Reunion in the Pacific. When Cpl. Robert Brock of Scranton, Pa., came overseas he ran into a hometown pal on the ship’s crew. Joe Kulesa S1c is a naval gunner, Brock an airplane mechanic. YANK’s Sgt. Dick Hanley took this shot, then Pfc. Lionel Wathall. a YANK staff artist, did the color work in oils. ……. YANK Covers the Invasion of Europe ……. Articles Inside:

D-Day, H-Hour in France

Sweating It Out…in England – GIs were skeptical about the whole thing – they had sweated it out for so long. But this time, they found, it was the McCoy.

GIs meet the ex-cannibals by Sgt. Barrett McGurn

War Paint ( Tattoos ) by Sgt. Lou Stoumen

Arctic Jitterbug ( The Helicopter at Ladd Field Alaska ) By Sgt Georg N. Meyers Houses of Italy – They are dark and dingy but GIs at the Cassino front won’t forget how comfortable life was behind their thick walls when the German shells were thundering outside. by Sgt. Newton H. Fulbright

Soldier Art

News From Home

The Sad Sack by Sgt. George Baker


Strictly GI

Action Shots

Sports: YANK’s Second Sports Quiz For The Experts

Mail Call

Fifth AAF Sings Own Tune – Fightin’, Flyin’ Fifth Air Force by Robert Jawer

News From Home

YANK Color Pin-up Girl: Frances Gifford