YANK DU 1944 06 30 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 48
Cover: Jap Graves PFC. William E. Foulke of Boise, Idaho was with the 24th Division moving on Cyclops Airdrome near Hollandia when he ran across these two Jap grave markers. The one on the left is that of a superior private, the one on the right the grave of a corporal. Down the side of each is written, Died in battle 30th of March, 1944 ……. Behind Jap Lines in Burma With Merrills Marauders ……. Articles Inside:

Merrills Marauders in Burma by Sgt. Dave Richardson; mortar crew: Woomer, Alderman, Kopec, McGowan; Logan Weston; Morman Janis, Werner Katz

Notes From a Burma Diary by Sgt. Dave Richardson; Lous Reid, George Drugotch, Ossie Burch, Morris Anderson

A-20 An eyewitness report of a pre-invasion mission over the continent in one of the newest and most effective U.S. air weapons, an attack bomber that looks like an insect but moves and hits with the speed of a meteor. By Sgt. Saul Levitt

Buffaloes at Biak A coral reef and mangrove swamp made amphibious buffaloes necessary instead of usual landing craft. by Sgt. Charles Pearson; William J. Fennell, Neal Dykeman, James Donnan, Edward Immekus

The Sad Sack by Sgt. George Baker


Variety Show – Produced by the Cameras of the World; Martha O’Driscoll, Evelyn Ankers, AnneGwynne, Grace McDonald; George E. Silk, Walton Rees, Francis Cocca, Sol Lipkin

News From Home

Mail Call

PTs Give Japs a Bad Day But Happy Birthday For the Skipper by Cpl. George A. Bick

New Guinea Notes by Sgt. Charles Pearson
Alex R. Lloyd

YANK Pin-up Girl: Yvonne de Carlo

The Poets Cornered

Derby Day in New Guinea
Willie Rubino, Bill Van Sciver, Frank Moore

Sports: Private Life of Pensive
Mickey Harris, Terry Moore