YANK DU 1944 05 12 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 41 ……. Cover: They Cheated A Death Trap – Just out of the hospital and looking over a native totem in the Admiralty Islands are First Cavalrymen Pfc. Curtis Knight of Lincoln, Mats., left., and 2d Lt. James K. Hackett of London, Ohio. Neither was wounded but both were severely sunburned when they spent five hours in the. water after a superior force of Japs forced them off Hauwei Island. Lt. Hackett led the reconnaissance patrol and saw it cut to pieces around him. The survivors were picked up by a PT boat. ……. Escape From a Jap Island Ambush ……. Articles Inside:

Escape From Hauwei Island – Story was Delayed in Printing by War Dept. due to Heavy Casualty List ( First Cavalry Division ) by Cpl. Ralph L. Boyce

Pre-Invasion Bombs ( Preparation to Invasion of Europe )

A Pencil-Pusher Hops a Ride on a PT and Helps Sink a Jap Barge by Sgt. George Kauffman

Two Bomber Outfits Start Feuding – and the Japs Suffer ( Jolly Rogers and Ken’s Men )

His Barracks Bag May Have Seen Action But This Young Infantryman Didn’t by Sgt. Robert Ryan

Escape From a Jap Ambush – Surprised by the enemy deep in the Bougainville jungle, this American patrol sent back three scouts on a two-hour trip to get reinforcements. It took them two days. by Sgt. Barrett McGurn

Girl Grease Monkeys Keep ’em Flying by Sgt. Charles Pearson

The Sad Sack by Sgt. George Baker

What’s Your Problem?

In Italy ( Photos from Sgt. George Aarons

News From Home

YANK Pin-up Girl : Martha O’Driscoll

The Poets Cornered

Navy Notes

Women Of The Yugoslav Underground by Sgt. Walter Bernstein

Sports Round-Up

Sports: Maybe Dodds Sold Those Extra Two Million Bibles ( Deacon Gil Dodds – Track Star ) by Sgt. Dan Polier