YANK DU 1944 03 31 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 35 ……. Cover: War College – Choice reading for anyone heading for Jap strongholds. Pfc. Ernest Gosbee, a marine from Duxbury, Mass., checks up on “HOW THE JAP ARMY FIGHTS.” As if he didn’t already know! Gosbee, now in New Britain, is a veteran of the fighting on Guadalcanal. Anyway there were some interesting pictures in the book. YANK Photographer Sgt. Dick Hanley took this shot aboard an LST in the Bismarck Sea. ……. The First Cavalry Grabs an Airfield ……. Articles Inside:

The Battle of Momote Airfield by Cpl. Bill Alcine

Nurses Under Fire In Italy

Foxhole University by Sgt Charles D. Pearson

Valiant Attempt of a Chicago Tovarich to Uphold the Tradition in Iran by Cpl. James P. O’Neill

Barracudas – The First Outfit of Negro Marines is Itching for Action by Sgt. Robert Ryan

Marshalls Massacre ( 7th Division ) by Sgt. Merle Miller

GI Mike ( Radio Entertainers )

The Sad Sack by Sgt. George Baker

9PA ( Radio Station Port Moresby ) by Pvt. Bently Kinney

Strictly GI

YANK Pin-up Girl : Betty Bryant

The Poets Cornered

Navy Notes

Home News

Mail Call

Sports: Take A Quote, Please, As The Great Minds in Sports Speak by Sgt. Dan Polier

News From Home