YANK DU 1944 03 17 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 33 ……. Cover: When a U.S. Navy submarine is running on the surface, two pairs of eyes are glued to the horizon and sky at all times. One man watches for surface craft, the other for enemy aircraft. Daylight hours on the surface are few, however. Some submariners go for 60 to 70 days without seeing the sun. On Page 3 YANK’s Sgt. Charles Pearson tells what a submarine man goes through while tracking Jap shipping in the Pacific sea lanes. ……. Exclusive Photo of Sub’s Jap Victim ……. Articles Inside:

Pacific Raiders – During the long days of searching Jap sea lanes submariners off duty kill time, reading, writing, listening to the radio. By Sgt. Charles D. Pearson

Raid on the Marshalls – The first correspondent to fly in an attack on that Jap base tells how his B-25 blasted the enemy with its 75-mm gun. By Cpl. Larry McManus

The Old One-Two Punch in Italy – While the Rangers threw a left hook around the German flank and staged a surprise landing south of Rome. By Sgt. Burtt Evans

Torpedoes? Whales? Unescorted Vessel Meets a Mysterious Enemy at Sea By Sgt. Barrett McGurn

The Nomenclature of the Military Mustache, M-1, bristle fed, self-loading

“The Moresby Wreck” – World’s Bomb-Happiest Ship Helps Train U.S. Bombardiers By Pvt. Bentley Kinney

New Guinea Snow Storm Turns Out to be an Erupting Volcano By Cpl. Ralph Boyce

The Sad Sack by Sgt. George Baker

A Wing, a Prayer and a …One-Wheel Landing By Sgt. Joe Donlon

The Torturing and Killing of American Prisoners in the Philippines

Forward! By Rope and by Foot ( Fifth Army )

Bombardment of Buka

News From Home – What goes on in your own home state

YANK Pin-up Girl : Chili Williams

Navy Notes

The Poets Cornered

Home News

Mail Call

Message Center

Machine Records Unit – Mechanical brains can pick a manicurist out of a port battalion and tell the War Department where Pvt. Doaks puts in his sack time in a matter of minutes. by Cpl. Bill Alcine

“Ephus” Ball Has A Jolly Old Cricket Cousin

Sports: Frankie Frisch Lost His Nerve in Alaska by Sgt. Dan Polier