YANK DU 1944 03 10 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 32
Cover: Pvt. Misirai – Pvt. Misirai, who joined the Papuan Infantry after running away from the Japs at Buna, had been “recruited” by the Japs from the Soberi village on Buka Island in the North Solomons. Pvt. Misirai, who is so dark he is almost blue black, comes from a people noted for their endurance; He is a “mission boy,” like many of the Papuan Infantrymen. Only sergeants in the P1B wear stripes, because no one else wears a shirt. ……. Papuan Infantrymen Stalk the Japs ……. Articles Inside:

Papuan Infantry Battalion – First comprehensive report on the native GI fighting in New Guinea by Pvt. John McLeod

Supplies Are Brought Up in Italy on the GI’s Back by Sgt. Burgess Scott

The McClures At Home and Abroad ( Audrey McClure winner of YANK Down Under’s Sweetheart Contest ) by Cpl. Bill Alcine

Smooth-Talking American Soldier Buys Dinner for a Couple of Nazis

Sleeping in the General’s Car, Panama GI Finds, Has Drawback

Here’s Useful Tip About Jeeps Discovered By a Yank in Sardinia

Two Pigeon Fanciers in Iran Plan to Raise Some Fancy Pigeons

Kearby – Ace by Choice ( Col. Neel E. Kearby ) by Cpl. Ralph L. Boyce

The Sad Sack by Sgt. George Baker

What’s Your Problem?

Strictly GI

An Old Southern Custom ( Order of Shellbacks ) by Sgt. John Bushemi

News From Home

YANK Pin-up Girl : Carole Gallagher

Navy Notes

The Poets Cornered

Home News

Mail Call

Home Towns in Wartime – Philadelphia, Pa. by Cpl. Harry Sions

Sports: Ex-Prisoner Tells of Sports in Jap Concentration Camp by Sgt. Dan Polier