YANK DU 1944 02 18 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 29
Cover: SWPA’s Sweetheart – The honey is Audrey McClure, wife of M/Sgt. James H. McClure of Chevy Chase, Md. Her beauty and “All-American” charm won her first place in the YANK Sweetheart Contest of over 2,500 sweethearts, wives and sisters left behind by GIs in the Southwest Pacific. Judges were Col. LeGrande A. Diller, GHQ Public Relations Officer; Neal Maver, general manager Tivoli NSW Circuit; Pfc. Jesse Cardenas, furloughing & from New Guinea; Sgt. Jack Crowe, YANK staff artist, and Sgt. Don Brewer, contest editor. ……. YANK Sweetheart Contest Winners

Articles Inside:

Week End At Arawe by Pvt. John McLeod; John Chadwick and William Moring of Tyler and Longview, Texas; Miguel Longoria of Santa Maria, Texas; Ray Casford of Tecumseh, Nebr.; Robert White of Brockton, Mass.
James Bouldin; Milford Carroll; William Roberts of Kemmerer; Arthur Evans of Derry, N.H.; Ralph Hedrick of Stenton, Texas
37th Division

Muddy Afternoon in Italy by Sgt. Walter Bernstein

Navy Pilot – Close-up of Lt. Mark Bright, a typical Navy fighter pilot in the Pacific who has knocked off four Jap dive-bombers and two Zeros during his plain and fancy combat missions at Midway, Guadalcanal, the Stewart Islands and Wake. by Sgt Merle Miller

Salamaua Yanks Learned to Like the Pack .75 by Sgt. Charles D. Pearson
Paul E. Howe – chief of the Nutrition Branch of the Sergeon General Office;
Arthur Lee of Dixon, Ill. Adolph Kocen of Richmond, Va.

Nickolai, Machine Gunner From Kharkov, Mowed Down Nazis Like Ripe Wheat by Sgt. Al Hine

The Sad Sack by Sgt. George Baker

What’s Your Problem?

General Marshall Reports to YANK by Sgt Earl Anderson

YANK Sweetheart Contest Winners

YANK Pin-up Girl : Virginia O’Brien

The Poets Cornered

YANK Crossword Puzzle

News From Home

Home News

Mail Call

Civilian Classification Dept. by Sgt. Ralph Stein

Big League Stars Tour Alaska

Sports: Joe Gordon is Driving Barrow to a Section 8