YANK DU 1944 02 11 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 28 ……. Cover: Mistaken Identity – Pvt. Doughhead, the original New Guinea doughboy, almost took a certain hairy character prisoner when he landed near Saidor, but the character swung off through the trees, proving it a case of mistaken identity. The modeling was done by Sgt. Jack Crowe, who went from the sublime to the ridiculous, because he also draws Windy City Kitty. ……. Polish Flyers Drop Mines in German Harbors ……. Articles Inside:

Geronimo! and They Hit The Silk

Mines From the Skies – The first correspondent to fly with the RAF’s Polish Squadron learns how our allies have turned a Nazi secret weapon against its inventors. Using parachute mines, they are bottling up enemy harbors and shipping lanes. by Sgt. Walter Peters

Five Easy Lessons – Photographers learn to jump by Cpl. Ozzie St. George

Walkie-Talkie Joins the Force by Sgt. Charles D. Pearson

Bull Session in New Caledonia – The veterans of the Solomons who pass through this replacement center in the South Pacific, on their way back and forth from combat areas, give out plenty of interesting details about the fine art of Jap fighting. by Cpl. Barrett McGurn

Random Notes on the Makin Operation, From a Reporter’s Invasion Diary by Cpl. Larry McManus

With Free China’s Flag Upon His Back, He Died in a Great Sky Battle by Sgt Marion Hargrove

The Sad Sack by Sgt. George Baker

What’s Your Problem?

Strictly GI

The Road to Rome by Sgt George Aarons

Home News

News From Home

Mail Call

Down at Sea ( Photo Story of a downed plane at sea ) by Lts. L. W. Frawley and F. J. Whiteside

YANK Pin-up Girl : Anne Gwynne

The Poets Cornered

Flying Truck – Everyone thought this QM Company was troppo when they started dissecting a GI truck – but now airborne vehicles follow troops into the roadless jungles. by Cpl. George Bick

Sports: Man-of-the-Year Stagg Set Out to be a Minister by Sgt. Dan Polier