YANK DU 1944 01 28 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 26 ……. Cover: New Britain Beachhead – Men, guns and supplies go ashore at Cape Gloucester from the gaping maw of an LST. Smoke caused by terrific bombing by fifth Air Force Mitchells and Liberators still hangs like fog over the beachhead. Gen. Sherman tanks unloaded here helped capture two Jap airstrips. ……. Yanks Trap Japs in Saidor Landing ……. Articles Inside:

Saidor Trap – The Red Arrow Division makes a bloodless landing on the Huon Peninsula and cuts off the Jap forces retreating before the Australians’ drive launched near Finschhafen. by Cpl. Ralph L. Boyce

A GI View of the Teheran Conference by Sgt. Al Hine and Cpl. James P. O’Neill

Lost in Head-Hunter Country – And one of the 21 men who bailed out near the Burma border was an official from the State Department. His capture would have been worth plenty to the Japs. by Sgt. Bob Ghio

Piggy-Back P-38 – Ground crewmen get the “feel” of the fighter planes they service, flying in this converted Lightning.

The Sad Sack by Sgt. George Baker

What’s Your Problem?

Strictly GI

The Marines Have Landed ( Photos of Cape Gloucester Landing ) by Sgt. Dick Hanley

Mail Call

He Turned Down a Major’s Commission ( M/Sgt. Leo S. Hawthorne )

A Painless Review of Driver’s Manual, TM 10-460, in Six Easy Lessons

News From Home

The Great Cigarette Mystery – The Quartermaster tells why all those Chelseas went to England and the Pacific and announces good news – only the leading brands will be issued and rationed from now on overseas. by Sgt. Earl Anderson

YANK Pin-up Girl : Diana Lewis

The Poets Cornered

YANK Crossword Puzzle

Football Funnies

Sports: Mister Long Pants Starts New Career by Sgt. Dan Polier