YANK DU 1944 01 14 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 24
Cover: Birds of a Feather – I’ve heard about the Army Zebra. Well, here’s one getting chummy with a hash-marked pal in an Australian zoo. M/Sgt. Merton H. Huftile of Battle Creek, Mich., has had nine years in the Marines, five in the Army. The other fellow bucked for his stripes.. ……. Pictures of Arawe Invasion Conference ……. Articles Inside:

Plan for Invasion ( Arawe )

Infantry battalion Sweats It Out in Italy by Sgt. Walter Bernstein

American Flyer Finds Germany Bomb Happy

Diary of a River Crossing – A medic’s diary tells how Engineers crossed a Ramu Valley river. One man was drowned. ( New Guinea )

Yanks in Palestine Find Farms and Cities Just Like the Ones They Left Back in the States by Sgt. Ed Cunningham

Everyone Was Out of Uniform Except the MPs at This Cuba Party by Sgt Lou Stoumen

Brother of ‘Mutt and Jeff’ Artist Paints Marine Dungarees in Pacific by Sgt. Sam Shaffer

These Glider Men in Italy Lead Rugged Palace Existence by Pvt. John Welsh III

DC-3 Lands on Mine Field to Change Motors ( German Mine Field in Western Egypt ) by Sgt. Burgess Scott

The Sad Sack by Sgt. George Baker

Arawe Wounded Talk It Over – Narrow escapes were a dime a dozen that day near a New Britain beach, as these hospitalized Yanks will tell you. by Pvt. John McLeod

Strictly GI

Visit to Fiji ( Photo Story )

Mail Call

Lord Mayor of Nadzab ( 1st Lt. W. B. Hoffrichter )

News From Home

U.S. News

What About the Post-War Trials? by Pvt. Irwin Shaw

YANK Pin-up Girl : Ann Miller

Current Events Quiz by Sgt Irving L. Field

Sports Round-Up

Cartoon Contest Winners