YANK DU 1943 12 17 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 20 ……. Cover: War of Nerves – If this wasn’t a New Guinea foxhole, we’d think it was the white cockatoo that flies around Darwin screaming, “Air Raid.” Maybe there is a raid on, but the Infantry NCO in the jungle zoot suit has read the posters saying “Don’t Talk! The Enemy Listens.” The model was made by Sgt. Jack Crowe, YANK Down Under staff artist. …….. Five-Day Attack on the Japs at Hastings Ridge

Articles Inside:

Five-Day Attack on the Japs at Hastings Ridge – Here is an exciting story of desperately close fighting between two- and three-man American and Japanese combat teams on a jungle battlefield in the South Pacific not much larger than a football gridiron. (S/Sgt. Clarence Terry, Sgt. Robert Chambers, Pfc. Bob Russell, Herbert Hanson, Lt. Walter Tymniak, S/Sgt. LeRoy Norton, Pfc. John Cashman, Pfc. Joe Shupe, Pfc. Jose Cervantez, Pvt. Anton Dolecheck, Ervin A. Bonow, Lt. Col. David H. Buchanan, 1st Sgt. Armond Pearson, S/Sgt. Arthur Toothman, S/Sgt. Eugene Pray, Sgt. George Ray, 1st Lt. Charles J. Hastings, and Pfc. Earl Addington) / By Sgt. Mack Morriss

Recipe for a Civil War in Iran: Mix One Warm Pfc. With One Chill Sergeant (Sgt. Wilbur A. Taft, Pfc. Ernest Cleever and Lt. Charles Lex) / By Cpl. Jimmy O’Neill

There’s a Catch to It

African Camels, Two Yanks Say, Ought to See Movies More Often (Cpl. Robert Hornak and S/Sgt. Vernon Burkhead) / By Sgt. Ken Abbott

Decoy! – Don’t call a Troop Carrier man a truck driver. His job of supplying forward troops is risky, as the bravery of one sergeant radio operator will show. (Lt. J. D. Larson, Lt. William R. Wilson and Sgt. Gaile Frederick) / By Pvt. John McLeod

“Well, Fancy Meeting You Here, Dear!” (Cpl. James P. Cassidy) / By Sgt. Charles D. Pearson

Clancy Can Read – Dammit! / By Cpl. Bill Alcine

Wake Island Raid – A YANK staff artist with the Pacific Fleet sketches scenes on an aircraft carrier during one of the most destructive single attacks ever delivered to the Japs. / By Staff Artist Robert Greenhalgh

GI Who Listens to Inventors Has a Little Idea of His Own (T/Sgt. Ira J. Kannard)

Perhaps the Colonel Would Like to Have Been There, Too

Better Safe Than Sorry / By T/5 Robert G. Sherman

GI Crony of Bob Burns Says He’ll Stick to the Army (S/Sgt. Walter T. “Buck” Harwood)

Bond Bomber “B-17 Guinea Pig” (S/Sgt. Robert L. Slingluff and Cpl. Leroy Orwell)

The Sad Sack “Embarkation” / By Sgt. George Baker

What’s Your Problem?

USAFI, Boola! Boola! / By Pfc. Harold Stevens

Ratings After the War / By Garland B. Smith and T/4 John Berriman

Insurance Loans / By Pvt. Oscar Williams

Does Pfc. Rate Wings? / By Pfc. John Riley

The Fight to Come

Strictly GI

Infantry Badges


More About Dependency Benefits

Glad It Wasn’t Taps

Alaska Olympics (Sgt. Jessie Horn and Flopper)

New Guinea Carnival (Pfc. Dallas Berger, Marian Prather and Sgt. John Scheidel)

Words Across the Sea

Mail Call

Message Center

Who Said There’s No Romance In Alaska? Missouri GI Shows ‘Em (Sgt. Eugene L. Kinser, Robert Gould, Irene Gould, Father Hotovisky Lt. Col. Donald Branham and Gen. S. D. Downs) / By Cpl. Frank Friedrichsen

Flyers Take Busman’s Holiday, Climb 10,739 Feet Up Mount Etna (Lt. Charles Leaf, Lt. Warren Shaw, 1st Sgt. Leland Pettis, T/Sgt. Leslie Moulton, S/Sgt. Max Miller and Sgt. Albert Schoenfeld all of the 57th Fighter Group) / By Sgt. Albert Schoenfeld

If He Looks Like a Head-hunter, Better Slip Him an Indian Five Spot (Lt. William L. Atwell, Sgt. Louis A. Brodeur, Sgt. Sergio P. Magedo, Cpl. John J. Nicosia, Pfc. Henry L. Humr, Pvt. Claude H. Riedel and Pvt. Richard R. Slater)

YANK Pin-up Girl: Dolores Moran

Evening Report

The Poets Cornered

The Paper War / By T/5 Frederick Belsky

Tropical Rain / By T/5 Edward Zagorski

Malaria Mosquito / By Pvt. Dan Shaver

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty / By S/Sgt. Thomas E. Moran

QM Blues / By Pvt. W. W. Schmitt

Fixation On A Jeep / By Sgt. Almon Bent

People, Places, Things . . . (Victor Dusang, Edison Bowman, Betty Rowland, P. V. Clibborn, Mrs. Sol Freemond and Lt. Col. Leon J. Meyung)

House Snipes At Administration – Pares Tax Bill

Cover Girl in Money Squabble (Edward Charles Judson, Rita Hayworth, Orson Welles)

Names in the News (Eddie Lebaron, Edward A. Gastine, Marian Anderson, Orpheus H. Fische, Ernie Lombardi, Wade Jones, Joe DiMaggio, Nathan Leopold and Bobby Franks)

Home Towns in Wartime – Spokane, Wash. / By Sgt. Bill Davidson

News From Home – What Goes On In Your Own Home State

Football Camera (Andy Farkas, Bob Morrow, Ruby Hunter and Bruce Smith)

Football Scores

Officers Beat Ems When Cinder Path Turns Quagmire (Lt. William Burton, Capt. J. C. Smith, Pvt. A. T. Jarvis and O/C L. C. Andrew)

Sports: Meet Glenn W. Davis, The All-American Sub / By Sgt. Dan Polier

Sports Service Record

YANK Cartoons