YANK DU 1943 12 10 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 19

Una Merkel Short-Snorter – As full of life on a New Guinea airdrome as she is on the screen, film comedienne Una Merkel is all wrapped up in her job of getting signatures on a long roll of Short-Snorter bills. When Una, Phyllis Brooks, Gary Cooper and Andy Arcari landed in New Guinea, they were mobbed by GIs, nurses and Red Cross girls all wanting’ autographs. Una turned the tables by demanding signatures on her bills in exchange. In the mix-up she even got Cooper’s. It’s on Page 15. …….. Salvaging a B-24 in the Never-Never

Articles Inside: …

Salvage Operations in the Never-Never (B-24 Shady Lady) / By YANK artist Sgt. Charles Pearson

“Rugged Assignment” – This U.S. Signal Photo Man Trekked Overland to the Markham Valley in Time to Get a Worm’s-Eye View of Yank Paratroopers Coming Down in Their First Action in the Southwest Pacific. (Pfc. Edward A. Smiley) / By Sgt. Ozzie St. George

A Californian in Neutral Arabia Keeps Oil Flowing to Feed Allied Tanks. (George Mackey) / By Pvt. Irwin Shaw

Don’t Look Now, Chum Isn’t That a Dog in Back of You? / By Sgt. Bob Dodson

This Iran Sergeant Chases Dirt From Bazar and Saves Kid from Death (T/4 “Caliph” Adams, Lt. Adam H. Harper, 1st/Sgt. Eric S. Jacobson) / By Sgt. Bill Martley

Yank Soldier in Puerto Rico First to View Tribal ‘Blood Dance’ (S/Sgt. Robert Berman)

Censor’s Gift of a Buck Starts Gold Rush for Greenland GI’s Kids (Pvt. Edward N. Kleitz) / By Sgt. Ed O’Meara

22 Italians Bring 433 Germans From Corfu Into Italy as Prisoners

Schweinfurt Raid – A YANK reporter’s eyewitness story of the Eighth Air Force’s fiercest battle of the war, the big raid on the German ball-bearing plant in which 60 Flying Fortresses and 99 Luftwaffe planes were shot down. (Capt. Ivan Klohe, Sgt. Charlie Hill, Sgt. Edward Cavanaugh, Lt. Howard J. Zorn, Lt. Richard J. Roth, Lt. Herbert Heuser, Sgt. Roy Blansit / By Sgt. Walter Peters

How About Burma? – United Nations forces under Lord Mountbatten are almost ready to start a drive into the country where they took a beating from the Japs early last year.

Square-Cut Diamond – The grand old man of the U. S, Marine Corps, who joined the Leathernecks when they were founded by the Continental Congress in 1775, still nurses his beloved 81-mm mortars through the Pacific war. (Master Gunnery Sergeant Leland Diamond) / By Allen Churchill Y3c

The Sad Sack “Mail” / by Sgt. George Baker

What’s Your Problem?

GI Minors Protected / By John Pilbeam S1c

Dependent Husband / 1/Sgt. Mary Zitner

Common-Law Wives

OBD Checks to China / By Sgt. David F. Wong

Dishonorable Discharge / By Pfc. Mark Levi

Poll Tax for GIs? / Pvt. Andrew Johnson

Tax Refund / Pfc. Walter F. Galos

Shortstopping is Sabotage

Strictly GI

Ole King Cole

Call It Clammy Chowder

Pots of Gold

Can’t Have Your Cake and . . . .

Climbing the Boot – Camera Report on the Yanks and British Fighting Their Way Through Italy

Words Across the Sea

Mail Call

Message Center

Negro Soldier Feathers His Nest On 60 Bucks a Month

Autograph Hounds Had Field Day When Stars Fell on Guinea / By Cpl. Ralph L. Boyce

It Takes a Woman to Find What a Snow Story Really Is / By Pvt. John McLeod

The YANK Sweetheart Contest is On!

YANK Pin-up Girl: Hedy Lamarr

Evening Report

The Poets Cornered

The Lachrymose Liver of Big-Hearted Bill / By J. Elliott Park

Air Raid / By Pvt. Frank (Shorty) Welch

GI Aftermath / By T/5 Morris Belotz

My Reverie / By T/Sgt. Jean Coulter

On The Way / By Cpl. George Kauffman

Address Unknown / By Sgt. John Ready

News From Home – What Goes On In Your Own Home State

Southern Cross Sportsmen

Pigskin Peeks

Pigskin Peeks

Sports Service Record

YANK Cartoons