YANK DU 1943 11 26 (PDF)




24 pages

Vol. 1 No. 17

Cover: Pilgrim’s Progress – Thanksgiving Day, 1942, Irving B. Kendall, a Mt. Vernon. N.Y., lawyer, bade farewell to Local Board No. 739 and was off to Camp Upton, and the Army. His first GI Thanksgiving meal consisted of beef stew and cranberry sauce. Now in the Signal Corps in New Guinea. T/5 Kendall has an idea “C” Ration may be his Turkey Day fare, but the spirit of the thing will be there just the same. …….. Sad Sack Battles 15 Jap Fighters ……. Articles Inside: …

Sad Sack Fights It Out – A Liberator, Like Its Namesake, Pulls a Routine Detail and Runs into a Mess of Trouble. ( B-24s Sad Sack and Yankee Doodle Dandy ) By Sgt. Ozzie St. George

No Cuss-Pidor

GI Ex-Circus Man Sharpens His Appetite Munching Glasses By Sgt. Don Brewer

Jungle Stomp By Sgt. Roy Burlingame

How to Get Lost in a Jungle By Sgt. Joe McCarthy

Iran was on the Air Before You Could Say ‘Tainton-Pottberg’ by Cpl. Bill Alcine

Caribbean Island Garrison Gets Visit From Priest By Sgt. Clyde Biggerstaff

Chickens Rate the Morning Report by Pvt. John McLeod

Bull Session in a Cairo Base Hospital About the Italian Invasion Deal By Sgt. E. C. Harris

He Tried to Sell Pineapples, but the GIs in Fiji Wouldn’t Buy Cpl. Irving Johnson

GI Ex-Senator Will Give It Another Go

Roll ‘Em or Bet on ‘Em – Tram Tickets Pass the Time

What’s Your Problem?

The Sad Sack by Sgt. George Baker

Who Has the Army’s “Cushy” Jobs?

Strictly GI

Action and Rest in India ( Photo Story )

Ship’s Gun Crew By Sgt. Douglas

Signs More or Less Run a GI’s Life

GIs Get an Abo to Work for Them, Then Wish They Hadn’t. By Pfc. Robert E. Knox

It Took a First Sergeant to Put Luther Burbank in the Shade

News From Home

News From Home – What goes on in your own home state

Pin-up Girl: Bettye Avery

What’s “Snafu” with this Picture?

His Turret and Guns Jammed, so Erno Bluffed Japs Over Wake ( Sgt. Erno Kovacs in the Liberator “Dumbo” ) By Sgt. Hobert Skidmore

Words Across the Sea

Mail Call

Message Center

Lt. Lanny Ross Heads for Guinea by Cpl. Ralph L. Boyce

The Poets Cornered

Sports: Futurity Day, Belmont, 1943 Uncle Sam the Big Winner By Sgt. Bill Frazer