YANK DU 1943 10 15 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 11 ……. Cover: Hats Off – MP S/Sgt. Sam Bennett of Austin, Tex., personal bodyguard to Eleanor Roosevelt during her visit to one area of Australia, Ferdinands the flowers and grins as he waits for Mrs. Roosevelt and official party to finish dinner at a Red Cross service club in Queensland. That’s her Red Cross hat with the “brass” ones of high ranking officers escorting her. The forage cap with three stars belongs to Lt. Gen. Robert L. Eichelberger…….. Two Yanks Swap Yarns About Lae ……. Articles Inside:

Hot Shots ( Guns in use against Japs )

Combined Operation – Two Yanks, Paratrooper and Engineer, Swap Yarns On the Opening of the Assaults On Lae From Sea and Air by Cpl. Ozzie St. George

Thunderbolt – Guys who Wanted ‘Em Most Put the P-47s Together – But Fast

Hustlin’ Hospital – Business May Be Unexciting, But It’s Always Brisk Aboard Hospital Train No. 3. Modern as a P-47, Its Rolling Wards Move 375 GI, Patients at a Time to Base and General Hospitals From the Forward Areas. by Cpl. Bill Alcine

Pacific Seaman – Bob Christiansen of Omaha has been through four major sea battles but he doesn’t bother wearing ribbons on his whites. “I’m just an average Mac he says. by Sgt Merle Miller

Nudge in Rear Came Too Soon, So He Bombed Wrong Target in China by Sgt. Marion Hargrove

Like All Outfits, They Were Vexed By Jackasses but These Had Four Feet by Sgt. Burtt Evans

It Ain’t the Heat; You Just Don’t Have a ‘Renshaw Heat Defeater’ by Sgt Jim Swarts Jr.

A British Farmer Gets the Goat Of an Unhappy Lot of Shavetails

Where’s Rommel? He’s Serving With the U.S. Marines in the Pacific ( Max Rommel ) by C. J. DuPlantier

The Men Who Discovered Greenland’s Blais Field Didn’t Mind Leaving It. by Sgt. Ed O’Meara

The Sad Sack by Sgt. George Baker

Peter’s Voodoo Cousin Almost Scares Natives Off an Island by Cpl. Ralph L. Boyce

Strictly GI

North Atlantic Report – A photographic visit to three bases

SWPA Mail Call

The Aleutian Campaign

YANK Pin-up Girl : Frances Rafferty

The Poets Cornered

Gen. Marshall Tells Congress Draft Cut Will Affect U.S. Strategy

Home Towns in Wartime – Cheyenne, Wyo. by Sgt. Bill Davidson

News From Home – What goes on in your own home state

Sports: Dartmouth, Loaded With Marine Reserves, Looms as the Football Powerhouse in East by Sgt. Dan Polier