YANK CBI 1944 01 08 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 23 … Sweating It Out With an Infantry Battalion in Italy ……. Cover: Fijian Pupil – The natives of Fiji and the Yanks have become very friendly, so it’s no surprise to see this soldier teaching the bula boy the art of blowing the bugle, even to the extent of a sympathetic bulging of the cheek, for a Gl visit to the capital city of Suva on Saturday, the week’s big day, see pages 12, 13. ……. Articles Inside: Infantry battalion Sweats It Out in Italy – Front Lines are Supposed to be Exciting but They are Mostly Dull, Damp and Dirty. By Sgt. Walter Bernstein ….. American Flyer Finds Germany Bomb Happy ….. PT Boat Mission – Lt. Cmdr. Bulkeley, the Hero of the Philippine campaign, meets a YANK correspondent in New Guinea and invites him to join a torpedo boat squadron’s all-night attack against Japanese landing barges. By Sgt. Dave Richardson ….. Yanks in Palestine Find Farms and Cities Just Like the Ones They Left Back in the States. By Sgt. Ed Cunningham ….. Everyone Was Out of Uniform Except the MPs at This Cuba Party. By Sgt Lou Stoumen ….. Brother of ‘Mutt and Jeff’ Artist Paints Marine Dungarees in Pacific. By Sgt. Sam Shaffer ….. These Glider Men in Italy Lead Rugged Palace Existence. By Pvt. John Welsh III ….. Rescue of Yank From Flames Earns Soldier’s Medal for WAC ….. DC-3 Lands on Mine Field to Change Motors ( German Mine Field in Western Egypt ) by Sgt. Burgess Scott ….. Flood Control on the Rhine – A soldier in Africa presents a few ideas about how Germant should be punished after the war. By Pvt Irwin Shaw ….. Souvenir Hunting By Sgt. Ralph Stein ….. Visit to Fiji ( Photo Story ) ….. The Sad Sack “Officers Only” by Sgt. George Baker ….. What’s Your Problem? ….. Strickly GI ….. News From Home – What Goes on in Your Own Home State ….. Mail Call ….. Words Across the Sea ….. Evening Report ….. Current Events Quiz ….. Sports Round-Up – College Football Scoreboard ….. Sports: Some Little-Known Facts About a Well-Known Game by Pvt. Joe Hasel ….. Sports Service Record ….. Cartoons