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own by three letters, “IKE,” the Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces makes a surprise visit to some hard-working GIs on the Western Front. The soldier on right, ( Sergeant Eugene C. Shaffer ), still holds on to his cigarette (something not to be thrown away these days) as he comes to attention. Ike doesn’t seem to mind. Photo by Signal Corps. ……. YANK Writers Report The German Breakthrough ……. Articles Inside: …

War in the Forest – Through the dark and dripping fir trees barring the approaches to Cologne, infantrymen crawled and fought their way in an agonizing advance. By Sgt. Mack Morriss

The Break-Through … Evacuating a City – When the Germans launched their recent offensive against the Allied lines, YANK correspondents who were traveling with the troops got these first-hand impressions of the reactions of our men, of the civilians who were again caught in the tide of war, and of the furious clashes that took place when enraged Americans went out to thrust back von Rundstedt’s breakthrough bid. The stories that appear on this and the following three pages, present three phases of the present chapter of the fighting on the Western Front. By Sgt. Ed Cunningham

Caught on the Ground By Sgt. Bill Davidson

Hitting Back By Sgt. Ed Cunningham

ETO Home Town in Wartime: Londonderry, N. Ireland By Tom Bernard, Sp (x) 1c, USNR

The Soldier Speaks: Should women remain in industry after the war?

Veterans on the Farm – GIs experienced on the land can borrow cash from the Department of Agriculture to buy new farms or restock their old ones. By Cpl. Hyman Goldberg

Variety Show – Produced by the Cameras of the World

YANK Pin-up Girl: Janis Carter

News from Home

The Sad Sack “Raid” by Sgt. George Baker

Mail Call

Sportsview of the Year – Here are the teams and players who made the biggest news of 1944.

Sports – Outstanding Performances of 1944. By Sgt. Dan Polier

Sports Service Record

Yanks in the ETO

What’s Your Problem?

YANK Cartoons