YANK BR 1943 02 14 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 35
Cover: Substitute – Evidently somebody shot the bugler at this post in Hawaii, so Rumboogie, the mascot, is taking over the job of waking Cpl. William Geiger of New Orleans. ……. Articles Inside: Malta Convoy ( Photo Page ) ….. Tales From The African Front ( Nine Soldier’s Tales ) ….. Yanks at Home and Abroad – Our men report on the state of the world on matters ranging from island fighting to drinks in India ….. How the Troopship Leedstown Sank – Planes and subs both attacked famous Grace Liner before torpedo administered coup de grace by Cpl. Richard Paul ….. Jap Prisoners at Sanananda Think MacArthur Dead by Sgt. Dave Richardson ….. Here’s the OCS Gag in Reverse-This Looey Wants to be a Private ….. When a Guy Can’t Get Coke, He Can Always Drink “Champagne” by Sgt Ed Cunningham ….. They Don’t Joke on Guadalcanal When a Battalion Moves Up by Sgt. Mack Morriss ….. G.I. Joe by Sgt. Dave Breger ….. Combat Rembrandt by Denton Scott ….. A Week Of War – Berlin Diary Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth ….. Variety Show – Produced by the Cameras of the World ….. News From Home ….. The Poets Cornered ….. Mail Call ….. Strictly G.I. ….. YANK Pin-up Girl: Anne Gwynne ….. We Ain’t Hungry Thank You! by Cpl. Charles Brand and Harry Brown ….. The Sad Sack by Sgt George Baker ….. Between the Lines ….. Artie Greengroin PFC – Artie Gets Kilt ….. USA in the ETO ….. Medics Under Fire – A Few Stories of Pill Rollers, Doctors And Nurses on the Fighting Fronts ….. Announcing…The Winners of YANK’s Super Contest