YANK BR 1943 01 24 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 32
Cover: Signal Corps

Articles Inside:

Natives Go G.I. In South Seas

Brand Night Patrol – If you think that in this modernized war the ground is just something to crack airplanes up on, this might revise your outlook by Lt. Col. Egbert White

Home Was Never Like This – Yankee Sheiks of Araby burrow into the brown sandhills of Africa where Colonels sweat chow lines by Sgt. G. K. Haddonfield

Jilted G.I.s in India Organize First Brush-Off Club by Sgt Ed Cunningham G.I. Joe by Sgt. Dave Breger

Yanks at Home and Abroad – Find Roller Coasters Tame? Try a New Guinea Jeep Road

Meet The Sergeant From Guadalcanal – Joe Melton’s the kind of guy who whittles down the enemy with his mess-kit knife. But that’s only one of the stories he brought back from the Solomon Islands by Sgt. Mack Morriss

When the Infantry Went to Sea – In New Guinea, the Doughboy Is All Kinds of a Fighting Man by Sgt. E. J. Kahn, Jr.

Cairo Gals Take Mama Along When They Date G.I. Cowboys

They Broke the Trail Record But They Almost Killed the Guide

It’s Not the Torpedoing That’s Bad It’s Just Those Stinkin’ Nazi Cigars Some Guys Have Their Suzy-Q But Flamin’ Mamie Holds Her Men – A Douglas Transport in a Troop Carrier Unit as well as Foitle Moitle, Dirtie Gertie, Dinkum Dorie, Airline Algie, Miss Carriage and Nasty Nancy

A Week Of War – Germany is slapped in the Libyan Desert and slashed in the Russian Snow

Yanks In India ( Picture Report )

News From Home

The Poets Cornered

Mail Call

Strictly G.I.

Between the Lines



Whammy by Sgt. Frank A. Reilly and Sgt. Ralph Stein

Sports: Spring Training Down South Was Just Hot Air, The Cold Air Should Really Help The Ball Players

Bombers Claim Service Title After Sun Bowl Victory

YANK Pin-up Girl: Betty Hutton

Hooper’s Troopers ( All Negro Combat Unit in Hawaii Commanded by Col. Chauncey M. Hooper ) by Sgt. Merle Miller