Wiener Illustrierte 1943 02 10 nr 06 (PDF)


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Getting ready for another assignment, this German soldier is wearing winter camouflage; photo by war correspondent v. Kaler (PBZ)     Battle-area Tunis; pictures of German and Italian soldiers including two Falschirmjager loading PAK; photos by war correspondents Biedermann (PBZ), Hielscher (H.H.), Luce (Atl)     Heroes of the East Front, fighting around Lenningrad; photos by war correspondents v. d. Becke und Umbach (Atl.), Schmidt-Scheeder (Wb), and Hermann (Sch)     German convoy through ice and fog; photos and text by navy war correspondent Hager (Wb.)     Eis-Schiessen: winter sport of German highlanders (Bergbauern)     Paintings of Italian women: Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, DOmenico Ghirlandajo, Raffael Santi, Bronzino Angiolo, Filipo Figari, Francesco Figari, Francesco Paolo Michetti     Photos from Iran     Der Notenstecher – music engraver, an old trade of engraving music notes     Noble gift from the Italian navy to the German navy: the bell from the “Tegetthoff” is presented by Contradmiral de Angeles to the crew of “Prinz Eugen”; photos by navy war correspondent Boeltz (Atl)     Mothers resting at NSV resort at Wolfgangsee; photos by Mario