Wiener Illustrierte 1943 02 03 nr 05 (PDF)


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Resting in fresh air, snow and son; photo by L.H. Hajek     German SS-Grenadiers against soviet tanks and troops on the eastern front; photos by SS war correspondent Bueschel (PBZ)     A British cargo ship captured and unloaded of its cargo by a U-boot’s crew; photos by navy war correspondent (Marine-Kriegsberichter) Tischer     Portugal – land by Atlantic Ocean; photo and story by G. Pommeranz-Liedtke     Evening in a theater in Vienna and Berlin, Dora Komar-SOmborn in “Wiener Blut” by Johann Strauss, also Heinrich Zschokkes’ “Abellion, der grosse Bandit” with Karl Etlinger, Paul Wegener and Peter Widmann; Friedrich Wilhelm Hymmens “Die Petersburger Kronung” with Christian Kayssler and Eva Lissa; photos by Schulda-Muller, Cuntz, Willot and Ruth Wilhelmi    Skiing in Turkey; photos by Eduard Zillich     Fisher paradise: Japan; photos by J.P.L.     Treasures of the Wiener National Library: “tabula Peutingeriana”, “Wiener Genesis”, “Golden Bulle”; photos by Dr. Burkert     Inge joins the Arbeitdienst; photos by SS war correspondent Kollik (Wb.)     Fissan